How I’ve Survived Being Sick

Well, it’s been over a  week now since I started coming down with the cold that eventually turned into bronchitis. I’ve basically  been in bed or on the couch since Tuesday after work.  I really never get sick like this – I get a couple sinus infections each year, but nothing that knocks me on my ass the way this has. Add to that the fact that my husband had to leave with our daughter on Friday to visit family & I obviously couldn’t go due to being contagious. Honestly, it’s probably for the best that they’re gone so I can just get rid of all the germs & it doesn’t get bounced around the house like some sadistic game of ping pong. Needless to say, though, it’s been a very boring, very lonely last few days.

I’ve been trying to entertain myself in every way possible, which really has just consisted of LOTS of TV  & Internet.  This is by far the most productive “lazy” weekend of my life. I binge-watched movies like I haven’t done in years and it kind of felt awesome. They were pretty much all chick flicks or feel-good movies…SUPER guilty pleasures because, isn’t that the best when you’re sick?

Here’s a little rundown (and yes, this is all just since Friday):


  1. Glee (Season 6, episodes 4-10)
  2. Mindy Project (Season 3, episodes 8-16)
  3. American Idol (Season 14, episodes 15-18)
  4. Twilight
  5. Friends with Benefits
  6. Just My Luck
  7. Fanboys
  8. The Prince & Me
  9. Princess Diaries 2
  10. RENT
  11. A Knight’s Tale

I was lucky enough to feel well enough to drive over to my mom’s house Friday night & get a little human interaction. I even made it out with an old friend to see one of my favorite local bands, although I started getting lightheaded after an hour & had to call it a night.

pork tornadoes

Old poster, but I love it so much 🙂

Saturday my sister-from-another-mister came over to keep me company & we put together this amazing Wonder Woman puzzle she got me for Christmas. It’s 1,000 pieces & we did it in something like 3.5 hours. Because we’re insane.


I spent most of the rest of Saturday drawing, which was insanely therapeutic. This is the only drawing I did (which I’ve already posted), but I also started doing some male anatomy studies on Sunday, which is something I’ve NEVER done before. My entire portfolio from college is almost exclusively photo-realisitic (ish) portraits. I’ve never ventured into stylized drawing & I’m actually really loving it. Drawing the male figure is a completely different experience & I’m having fun trying to figure out how to make muscles not look like boobs.


My mom also came over to keep me company on Sunday & we had a nice long chat during the few hours she was there. After she left I actually felt well enough to shower & get some laundry done. This might be the closest I’ve EVER been to having ZERO laundry piles chillin in the laundry room, so, bonus!

Of course, this was all while peppered in with my get-well staples:

  1. Airborne
  2. Tea (ALL the tea)
  3. Puffs tissues with lotion + Vick’s (so great when you’re super congested)
  4. Sudafed + Claritin cocktail (opens the sinuses like magic)
  5. Vick’s Vaporub
  6. Naps.

This whole experience has made me realize how incredibly co-dependent I am on the people in my life. I’m super grateful for everyone who has taken time out of their day to entertain me, but I also feel like maybe I should learn to be a little more independent. I’ve never spent this much time alone before. I have never lived alone, or even stayed home alone for more than like 2 days. I’ve traveled alone for work, but even then I just holed up in my hotel room & watched TV.

I think I’m making it a last-minute resolution this year to start doing  more things by myself. And I don’t mean just locking myself in the bedroom with Netflix. I actually need to DO things by myself.  Maybe I’ll start by signing up for a drawing class at the community college? That sounds good.

Maybe this post should have been titled something like “Epiphanies I had while on my deathbed” or something super melodramatic like that? It’s been a real eye-opening experience.

 How do you survive being sick? I’m back at work today, but still feel terrible & could stand a couple ideas to help me get through the rest of this lonely week.

Until Next Time ❤

OGF Signature



  1. Book: Silver Shadows– Richelle Mead
  2. Comic: Saga, Vol. 3 – Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
  3. Music: 1989 (on REPEAT)
  4. TV: Once Upon A Time (it’s baaaaaack)
  5. YouTube: Cartoonblock
  6. Blog: A Girl, Obsessed


2 thoughts on “How I’ve Survived Being Sick

  1. annagailey says:

    I always tend to return to my TV staples when I’m sick. Which usually consists of binge watching Stargate, Gilmore Girls or Smallville. Also, for some reason my go to sick movies are Cats Don’t Dance and Laws of Attraction. I say indulge in guilty pleasure shows and movies when your sick. You already feel miserable, so watching guilty pleasures will only lift your mood.

    Glad you’re feeling better!


    • #obsessivegirlfan says:

      I was so lost without Gilmore Girls throughout this whole thing. I binged the series over the last 2 months & finished it on Wednesday >_< I literally couldn't function for a while when it was over. Lol. I have a hard time picking shows to binge by myself cuz I usually want my husband to watch them with me (Parks & Rec, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate, Smallville…on & on)

      Liked by 1 person

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