5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Fashion

Missed last weeks Fandom Friday. Womp, womp. But this one is so up my alley, I couldn’t stay away. I’m a little short on time, but here are the top 5 characters with my favorite fictional fashion!

1. Buffy Summers, Obvi. – Who else could kick major vampire ass in this outfit?

2. Clarissa Darling – SO nostalgic! Lol.

3. Charlie Bradbury – closest to my own personal style

4. Lemon Breeland/ Zoe Hart – style I obsess over

5. Felicity Smoak – girl crush!

Check out #Fandom5 or #5FF on Twitter to see everyone else’s lists! Big thanks to The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick for starting Fandom Fridays!

Until Next Time! ❤

[4] Obsessive Wednesdays: The Year of Cotton

Happy Wednesday! Don’t you love short weeks? This week is one of those busy, busy ones for me, so it’s actually moving pretty quickly. It’ll be the weekend before I know it & then I’m off for a whirlwind adventure to Cincinnati! In the meantime, here’s what I’m obsessing over THIS week!



That’s me, I promise. I’m a hair chameleon

This guy. Today’s our 2-year anniversary, which kind of sounds like nothing, and really, the last two years have flown by. I know, I know. Everyone says that, but it really doesn’t feel like it was a whole two years ago that we were in Las Vegas & I was having meltdowns left & right because I failed to plan out where I’d get my hair & makeup done or where we’d get flowers for the ceremony!  We had a few hiccups, but in the end the ceremony was BEAUTIFUL and I couldn’t be happier to have married the best friend I’ve ever had.  It’s been a crazy couple years, but there’s absolutely no one I’d rather be stuck with for the rest of my life

Just for funsies & nostalgia, here are some of my favorite wedding photos:


The Springs Preserve – Las Vegas, NV


Oh, that little munchkin back there!


This venue is breathtaking


Back home on the day of our reception


Cutest little love bug there ever was


I love these silly boys


Obligatory nerd photo

Look at all the fun we had. And we’ve been having fun ever since 🙂


via tumblr

Throne of Glass Series!! Well, hopefully you saw that I read Throne of Glass & Crown of Midnight last week. These books were incredible. I’m currently reading Heir of Fire, but I’m honestly having a hard time getting into it – I can’t tell if it’s just burnout since I read practically non-stop over the weekend or if this book is just that much slower than the other two. It’s still interesting, I just haven’t had that burning desire to binge-read it. The series as a whole, though – thoroughly obsessed. I’m so excited to read Assassin’s Blade & learn more about Celaena’s past! And then it’s a waiting game for Queen of Shadows in September…torture!

If you are unfamiliar with the series, it’s about an Assassin (obvi) who is pulled out of the labor camp she has been imprisoned in for the last year by the Crown Prince to compete in a tournament to become the King’s personal Champion. After 4 years of service, she’ll earn her freedom. It’s a series full of magic & faerie lore, as well as rather a lot of brutality. It’s seriously a great fantasy series.


Coldplay’s Game Of Thrones Musical.  If you haven’t at least heard about this, you have to be living under a rock (no offense), but this is quite possibly my favorite thing that has EVER come out of the internet. It is just utter perfection and every single second of it makes me impossibly happy. If you’re not a GOT fan, you probably won’t get any of the jokes, but if you are, they are AMAZING. Pretty sure I’ve watched it 100 times. And I can’t stop reblogging gifs of it on my tumblr.


Two things I bought for myself yesterday with leftover birthday money:

Spider-Gwen Hoodie. I’ve been looking around & these are impossible to find, still. So when I saw that We Love Fine is coming out with a Spider-Gwen collection, I knew I had to scoop up that hoodie ASAP. And for only $45, I feel like I won the lottery! Especially considering that they were already nearly sold out as of yesterday – Small & Medium were both gone already, as well as some of the larger sizes. Hopefully Large is the right size for me (I’m hoping they run a little small). I’m freaking pumped for this & it’s gonna make my Halloween costume kind of a no-brainer. The worst part is going to be the wait! Not shipping until September 1 (between this & Queen of Shadows, September is going to be AWESOME for me).

Reversible Vegan Leather Tote. I’ve been dying for a leather tote for ages, but let’s be honest – ain’t no way I can afford real leather. This vegan leather tote from Urban Outfitters is a great alternative for only $60 – it looks amazing & it’s REVERSIBLE! Are you kidding me? I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. UPS, get your shit together & bring me my bag! It’s big enough to hold my laptop & some books and even my camera, if I start figuring out how to use that thing. I have a feeling I’m going to be ordering another one of these bags in the future in a different color. Because options.

The list is a bit shorter this week than usual, but I’m probably WAY more excited about all of this than I usually am, so the level of obsessiveness is the same.  What’s got you excited this week? I’d love to know!

Until Next Time ❤

[2] Obsessive Wednesdays: Gettin’ Girly

This week, my obsessions have been slightly less nerdy (although, let’s be real – they’re always at least a *little* nerdy…this is me we’re talking about ) and a bit more girly.  I haven’t spent a ton of time talking about my girlish obsessions on here, so I thought I’d share some with you today – you know, make this thing a bit more well-rounded. Or something. Anywho.


Need you even ask? Yes. The Heir was released yesterday & I’m about 7 chapters in. I only had a brief window to spend reading last night, but so far I’m enjoying the story. The world of Illea has changed drastically since the end of The One, which it obviously needed to do. I’m impressed by all the care Kiera Cass has taken with this story. I’m itching to read more.


The Epic Coin Toss

Once I’ve finished The Heir, I’m going to have an epic coin toss to determine what I read next. My contenders are:


Ready Player One vs. Throne of Glass

I know I’m going to love them both, but I just can’t decide where to go & I’ve been waffling over it for like a month now. It’s time to just leave things up to fate. Anybody wanna place bets? 🙂


Lauren Bradley Cox. This girl is absolutely adorable & she’s living my hair dreams. I’m going to try out the toners she used to get that perfect white/grey tone to her hair, just as soon as I can get my hands on them. Also, her makeup is super flawless in all of her photos.


I’ve got 2 new favorite Tumblr blogs that I continuously stalk (it’s not creepy, OK?)


I mean, oodles of comic-y goodness + that beard? No complaints from me.


She’s a total sweetheart, super adorable, & posts some of the absolute best bookish eye candy.

Also, I am slacking on my Book Balancing Challenge. I need to get on that. It’s gonna be hilarious, seeing as my ability to even balance myself on my own two feet is oftentimes brought into question.


This season of The Vampire Diaries has been super good, you guys. I’m so in love with what they’ve done for the character development. Everyone is struggling with their own crap & the converging storylines are getting really complex. I love it. I’ve been a TVD fan for years, but last season just really didn’t do much for me. I’m glad things are back on an upswing for Nina Dobrev’s exit from the series.



BOXYCHARM. Oh. My. God. I’m in love with Boxycharm. I’ve done beauty subscription boxes for about a year now, and I’ve tried Birchbox, Ipsy, and now Boxycharm. I’m so much happier with Boxy than I ever was with Birchbox or Ipsy. I don’t even mind the extra $20 expense because the products are worth SO much more & I actually get enough product in my samples to form a solid opinion on the product, instead of a one-time use thing. Last month, we got the Coastal Scents Revealed2 Palette, which is essentially a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 2. I’ve been wanting to order this Revealed palette for a while, ever since I started using Coastal Scents products, so I was FREAKING out when I opened my April box. I also received the Harvey Prince fragrance “Hello”, and I’m in love with it. It’s sweet but still a little floraly, which is right up my alley. Anywho, I could probably do a whole post on how much I love Boxycharm & I think anyone at ALL interested in beauty/ cosmetics should give it a shot for $20/month.


This photo shoot of Dascha Polanco for Latina Magazine has me slobbering since I saw the first images yesterday. The hair, the makeup, her body in those outfits. There’s no other way to descibe how I feel about this than: OBSESSED. I haven’t read the interview yet, but I have seen a few quote blocks that people have pulled from it to post with photos & she seems like an incredibly down-to-earth person who has dealt with her fair share of bullshit from life. I’m really interested to read the whole thing.






Buzzfeed. Guys, I can’t stop with the Buzzfeed. I’m not sure when this obsession started, but it’s getting out of hand. It’s probably the reason I didn’t get my 2nd post up yesterday like I promised – I was taking too many Buzzfeed quizzes. That shit’s like a drug. Things like these totally awesome “choose-your-own-adventure” style quizzes about REALLY important topics:

Could You Survive One Day As A Superhero?

Superheroes make it look so easy, but the smallest misstep can lead to their demise. See if you can make the right choices to survive one day walking in a superhero’s shoes.

Could You Survive One Day As A Superhero?



Can You Become a Pokemon Master?

Good morning! Today is your first day as a Pokémon trainer. It’s always been your dream to enter the Pokémon League, defeat the Elite Four, and be a Pokémon Master. And now you finally have the chance!

Spoiler alert: It has been determined by these incredibly scientific exams that I could successfully be a superhero for a day AND become a Pokemon master. I’m gonna rule the freaking world someday. With my level 112 Nidoqueen.


Until Next Time ❤

PS – my big *WOMP WOMP* for the day is that I didn’t prep anything for Flash Fic Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t check out what other people are writing by following #flashficwed

Building My First Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been reading a lot about capsule wardrobes lately. I feel like my closet is out of control – I’m constantly wearing the same outfit yet buried in laundry up to my eyeballs. It’s time to pare things down & simplify my life.  Luckily, I’ve made this decision around the half-way point of my 80-lb weight-loss adventure (which I can share in greater detail, if anyone has interest), so it’s not gonna be too hard to ditch my clothes that are 3-4 sizes too big for me these days. It’s definitely time.

First thing’s first. What is a capsule wardrobe? Well, essentially it’s a wardrobe containing a specific number of pieces (generally between 35-40) that are easily mixed & matched to create versatile outfits and are all things that you completely love to wear. You will end up with 4 capsule wardrobes per year, since you obviously want to be sure you have season-appropriate clothing. You’ll create the upcoming season’s wardrobe during the final weeks of the current season and then you WILL NOT go shopping for the duration of the season.  Blogger UnFancy is the master of the capsule wardrobe and has TONS of information on her blog to help you build your own. Here’s what she’s been wearing this winter:


I love how curated it feels. I could think of 100 outfits to pull together with these items.  When you hear 35-40 pieces, it’s kind of shocking at first. It doesn’t seem like very many clothes, which is really the whole point. When you have a wardrobe that is specifically planned to allow mixing & matching and is comprised of pieces you adore, it is much easier to pull your outfits together in the mornings. It takes less time to wash all your clothes. It prevents you from impulse buying throughout the season. It helps to simplify your entire life. And that, my friends, is why this is so appealing to me.

So, I’m starting to plan out my wardrobe for Spring (April-June) and have found some pieces I think would work really well with my style & be really versatile within the capsule wardrobe. I maybe picked a difficult season for me to start with, since this Spring will bring a lot of unique events that I need to account for – family vacation to Disney World & Universal Studios Orlando, My 27th birthday, AND my 2nd wedding anniversary! That’s a wide range of styles I’m going to need to account for, on top of my regular work & casual wardrobes. Here’s the direction I’m heading so far:


#ogf's Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

So, for my first stab, I’d say I’m heading in a really good direction. It’s a nice blend of comfy casual and business-casual. I think there’s still some work to be done, but I’ll get there. I really wanted more navy for spring, so I’m probably going to swap out some pieces. The items with hearts over them are the ones I’m completely obsessed with & will more than likely purchase for spring (assuming they are not sold out by then!). This wardrobe consists of 10 items I already own, and once I go through my closet this weekend, I will probably replace some items here with items I already own. I’d like to pare it down so I don’t buy more than 20 items. I realize this season will be a higher-spend season, but hopefully that makes future seasons much more financially responsible. Like I said, this season has a lot of special events, plus my recent weight-loss, so I feel comfortable spending more than average to make sure I’m appropriately dressed at all times 🙂

What do you think of this concept? Would you ever try it? I’d love to hear from you!


Until Next Time ❤

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Lip Sync Sunday: Black Widow

What? It’s WEDNESDAY already? Yeah I totally missed the mark on this, but I’ve been under the weather, so I’m forgiving myself.

Sometimes I  like to make a really big fool of myself and this weekend was no exception. I’ve been completely obsessed with MannyMUA’s YouTube channel lately for his FLAWLESS makeup tutorials & those brows that I would die for. I tried out one of his tutorials on Friday night, which I felt turned out really well. So when it wouldn’t photograph well, I decided to make a video. But not just any video – a lip sync video. To Iggy Azalea. I don’t really know that there’s much to say beyond that… Just take a look at this ridiculousness.

Yep. There that is. It’s out there in the world now. Hope it makes at least one person laugh the way it makes me laugh.

Until Next Time ❤


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PS – I decided to start adding this little “currently into” block so you guys can get a better idea of the things that keep me obsessed on the daily 🙂


  1. Book: The Fiery Heart – Richelle Mead (Bloodlines book 4)
  2. Comic: Saga, Vol. 1 – Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
  3. Music: ZZ Ward
  4. TV: Gilmore Girls, Season 7
  5. YouTube: MannyMUA
  6. Blog: Super Space Chick


[#ogf]’s Valentine’s Wishlist 2015

Hey there!

Just thought I’d drop by and share some of the things I’m drooling over, just in time for Valentine’s day!

[#ogf]'s valentine's wishlist

  1.  Funko Pop! Charlie Bradbury FigureCharlie Bradbury is one of my all-time favorite characters, and this pop vinyl is sooooo stinkin cute. I don’t have any yet, but she’d be a great start to my collection! $15.
  2. Alison’s Cookie PartyAlison Faulkner (of The Alison Show) is freakin’ HILARIOUS. She’s insightful and adorable and her blog just makes me happy all. the. time. Plus, lady makes royal icing sugar cookies LIKE A BOSS. She put together this e-course with all her secrets, and I’ve been dying to buy it since it was released. All that cookie magic for $30.
  3. POW! Cushion – H&M – I love what H&M is doing with their home collections. They’ve got a line of kids products right now that are comic-inspired, and this pillow would be perfect in our future Nerd-Rock Hotel themed guest room. It’s way too cute. And only $12!
  4. Fortuna Stone Pendant Necklace – Stella & DotI only just learned about Stella & Dot a couple months ago, and I’m beyond obsessed with their jewelry line. That’s saying something, because I’m not really a jewelry girl unless it costs $3 and comes from Forever21. Their pieces are equally modern and sophisticated, but still somewhat reasonably priced. One purchase & I might be a jewelry convert. This is a super-versatile necklace – you can wear it long with either pendant showing, or double it up as shown in the picture – but it’s pretty pricey for my jewelry habits at $79. I’m sure the quality is better than anything I’ve got in my pathetic collection, though, so probably worth the splurge.
  5. Walnut Hollow Creative Versa ToolI have a bad habit of taking up too many new hobbies & never having enough time to devote to any of them. One of my resolutions for 2015 was to find a single hobby that I can really fine tune  & make something out of. I think it’s going to be pyrography (wood burning). I have always loved wood burnings & I have a lot of ideas for pieces I can create that would put a really modern spin on traditional pyrography works. This little kit is super affordable & includes everything I need to get started! $30.
  6. Magical Unicorn WalletThis super quirky wallet just speaks to me. I love that it’s clean white faux leather with gold  detailing & the unicorn itself is just the cherry on top. The actual design of the wallet is exactly what I look for whenever I hunt for a new one – and I’m SUPER picky about my wallets for some reason. I have a feeling that if I got this one I’d keep him for a nice, long while. He’s so universally classy & quirky. Just perfect. $16.
  7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in VampI just hopped on board the liquid-to-matte lipstick train, and I’m all in. I have only tried the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams so far, but I’m obsessed with them. These Anastasia ones look so much more luxurious & like they wouldn’t dry out my lips as much. Plus the color selection is perfection. Vamp is my #1 want, but I think that Lovely, Heathers, and Persimmon are all going to come home with me at some point! $20.
  8. Linda Studs – Stella & DotAs much as I’m not a jewelry person in general, I’m even less of an earring person. I’m not sure why – I actually used to wear GIGANTIC earrings every single day, way back in high school.  I think there’s the combination of the poking and the weight and the fact that the backs fall off & then you lose one. It’s just a mess. But I want to be an earring person & these black hexagon studs are the perfect every day earrings. Reasonably priced at $24.

How about you? What are you hoping to receive for Valentine’s Day? I actually know that my gift is going to be the Versa Tool because my husband & I have been talking about it this week, and I’m super excited! It’s definitely the most useful item on this list. I’ll just sit here drooling over the rest, don’t mind me.


Until next time ❤


Casual Cosplay: Charlie Bradbury

So, I went to a small con called NewBo Con this past weekend, and it was awesome. This was the first convention in Cedar Rapids, and it was so successful it sounds like next year is going to need a bigger venue!


I totally slacked on pulling together a cosplay, so I went the Casual Cosplay route, and threw together an outfit inspired by one Charlie Bradbury. The best part? Every single piece (except the shoes) came from Old Navy! I was too dumbfounded by the con itself to remember to take pics of my outfit (stupid, I know. newb mistake), but here’s what I wore:

Charlie Bradbury Inspired

 As you can see, I sort of made a hybrid of a few different outfits she wears in the show. I wanted to emulate her style without looking like I tried to copy an outfit and completely failed (seeing as I threw this together in like one 30-minute shopping trip). In the end, only one person caught the reference – one person who is a diehard SPN fan – BUT I felt cute & badass at the same time and I was comfortable all day, so that’s good enough for me.

I’m hoping to get more into these character-inspired outfits as time goes on. I’ve never actually cosplayed, but I do tend to go over-the-top with halloween costumes. I’ll have to post about that sometime. I’m hoping I can pull something awesome together for Wizard World Des Moines this year & do my first true cosplay.

Anyway, I’ll have to post a bit more about NewBo Con later this week. It really was a great event with a great turnout. I can’t wait to visit again next year in the new venue!


Until Next Time ❤