Adios, #OGF – it’s been real.

Well, it’s been nearly 2 years since I stopped by to visit you guys! What the hell, Christa?

I actually wanted to pop in to let any new visitors know that I’m starting a new blog & won’t be posting here anymore after today.

This book/fandom blog was an AWESOME leap into blogging for me. I made some of the best damn friends I’ve ever had and really got to feel a part of something for a while.

And then I got a new day job and life got crazy, and… you know how it is. But the good news is that I’m coming back! Just with a slightly different direction. My new blog is called Reluctant Adulting and is currently hosted on Wix [update Jan 2019 – I’ve moved back to WordPress!]. As the blog tagline suggests, it’s “a blog for millennials who should probably get their shit together but don’t really want to.”

The purpose of this new blog is mixed:

  1. I need to keep flexing my writing muscles since I write on a daily basis for my day job.
  2. I don’t have nearly as much time to devote to reading and/or TV watching as I used to, so I need a broader range of topics to write about.
  3. I kinda just wanted a clean blogging slate, so to speak.

I’ll still be nerding out about books & comics because it’s still a huge part of who I am, but now those posts will be intermixed with tales of my adventures in adulting.

I’ve got a lot planned for this new space, including:

  • meal planning & productivity hacks
  • recipe testing
  • mental health updates
  • general random thoughts
  • personal discovery
  • mindfulness
  • self-care
  • financial responsibility

… you know. The adulty things that none of us want to deal with, but probably should anyway.

I have already posted my introduction if you want a taste of what’s to come. I have a lot of work to do on the site & content planning, but I’ll be launching the blog officially this spring, so please swing by & say hello!

And of course, you can still find me on Twitter or Instagram!


Christa (formerly known as ObsessiveGirlFan)



Password Protected Posts

So I’m going to start getting a little more personal on this blog, and I’ve started with a highly personal examination of my current state of mental health (posted below). These posts are going to remain password protected, but the password will always be the same for those who know me enough to have this information. My blog post password is my snapchat username. If you have this, please feel free to unlock & read these posts (and if you don’t, feel free to ask for it…I will gladly provide the password on an individual basis). I feel that anyone I can send ridiculous snaps to probably knows me well enough to read my more private thoughts, if they wish to.



Cheers & Happy New Year ❤

Halloween Eve: Am I Too Late?

Happy Halloween Eve!! That’s today, in case you didn’t know. It’s also the title of a pretty stellar-looking comic by Amy Reeder that I need to read today.

Anyway, I have a question for you. I’m working on some last-minute finishes for my Halloween costume & I’m wondering – am I too late to post tutorials on this look? I mean, had I been more proactive (and not decided on my costume 3 weeks ago), I could have had some awesome tutorials for you guys! Now I feel like I really dropped the ball & I’m kind of beating myself up over it?

But true fans don’t just cosplay on Halloween, so I’m not too late, right? Tell me I’m not too late!

You know what? It’s my blog. I’ll post what I want, when I want. So expect some cosplay tutorials next week! If I can get off my ass & actually write stuff. Did I ever share what my costume is gonna be? I can’t remember. Well, if I haven’t yet I’m not going to do it now! You’ll just have to wait and see!

Side note: NaNoWriMo starts on Sunday, you guys! I’ve never participated, but who knows? Maybe by the end of November I’ll have something to share with y’all?


PS – Don’t be a stranger! Leave me a comment so I can say thanks for reading! ❤

[10] Obsessive Wednesdays: Can I Get an Aelin?

Hey! It’s Wednesday already! And the day is almost over! And my post title is hella cheesy, I know. Like SO cheesy. Whatever. You’ll deal. I’ve had a pretty one-track mind lately with a certain book (listed below) that I finished last week, so today’s post is gonna be short, but filled with goodness. Enjoy these things to get you through the rest of your week!


Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

Oh yeah. No surprise here, especially if you follow me on social media. I finished this book last Thursday, and I still cannot stop thinking about it. I could talk about it for hours and hours (and I have). It was a perfect installment to a series that is gradually becoming an all-time favorite. Who knows – maybe it’ll squeak past The Selection? I guess we’ll have to wait and see when both series are concluded! Anyway, I actually started re-reading the last 200 pages of Queen of Shadows last night because I couldn’t bring myself to read anything new yet (aside from those RS Grey books I cruised through over the weekend). It might be a while before I  gather all my my thoughts & feels enough to write a review, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need the review to know what I’ve rated this book!


100 Happy Days

I started the 100 Happy Days challenge yesterday, along with some members of the AdultBooklr Admin group. The purpose of this challenge is to pay attention to the things that make you happy on a daily basis. By posting every day with one thing that made you happy, you can improve your overall well-being and mental health over the course of 100 days. We will be tagging our posts with #happysqugs on  Instagram and Tumblr, so you can follow along! I also encourage everyone out there to participate! To sign up & make a pledge, just visit!


Discover Playlist

Spotify started making custom “Discover Playlists” a month or two ago, and I have to admit I’m impressed. I’ve added the majority of songs on my playlist to my saved music almost every week. I love that I somehow end up with a bunch of songs that I know but have forgotten about, along with a few new songs I haven’t heard before. They’re doing a really great job of analyzing my music tastes, which honestly surprises me because I’ve never been a fan of their radio feature or suggestions. Anyway, here’s my playlist – you can follow it & see what I’m rocking out to each week 🙂



Hubby & I have been POWERING through the whole series on Netflix for the past couple months. We’re finally only about 8 episodes from the end, and I’m gonna be sad to see it go! I forgot how great this show is. Unlike even some of my current/ more recent favorites (HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, etc…),  I feel like there was never one season of Friends that was subpar to the others. It was consistently fantastic & every episode makes me laugh out loud.


In addition to the 100HappyDays challenge, I’ve been making a lot of daily goals for myself, like “write every day” and “draw every day”. I haven’t had much time to really focus on blocking into my schedule for these things, but I’m definitely ready to do so in conjunction with the 100HappyDays! So, I just wanted to make a declaration that I’ll be writing more (both fiction & nonfiction) and drawing more! Hopefully I’ll be able to share updates & progress with you guys after a few weeks of attempting all this! Today’s drawing is REALLY exciting, and coincides with my book obsession… can’t wait to share it!

What are you loving right now? I’m always interested to see what you’re up to! Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time ❤

[9] Obsessive Wednesdays: August Obsessions

Hello again! I’m back. I told you I’d be back and, while I’m a little late, I AM here! I figured I’d just ease myself back into this whole thing today with a quick little obsessions post, because my body has the worst timing & decided to come down with its second case of bronchitis this year – YAY! Not…

So I’ve got a whole month to catch up on with obsessions, but I’ll try to keep things to a minimum today…key word: try.

First of all – BOOKS

The Martian

So, this was an AdultBooklr August read-along that I started on September 1 because I’m a slacker. Regardless, I cannot tell you how many times I was reading this book and laughed out loud. I mean really, REALLY loudly. I highlighted something like 25 lines throughout this book. I loved it so much. I have a full review coming, so I don’t want to spill all my thoughts here, but holy crap. I loved this book. I kept turning to my husband to say “you HAVE to read this book”, “PLEASE tell me you’ll read this book?”, or “it would make me SO happy if you would read this book”. He’s probably tired of hearing it. Too bad. It’s so good. So, y’all gotta read it 🙂

Queen of Shadows

The moment so many of us have been waiting for! The 4th installment in the Throne of Glass series was released on September 1, and I cannot wait to read it! I pre-ordered the UK paperback from The Book Depository, which has not arrived on my doorstep yet, BUT I did get a Kindle copy from my library just this morning (eep!), so I’m FREAKING out! I’m actually about 30% of the way through Assassin’s Blade right now, because I didn’t expect to get my hands on Queen of Shadows until closer to the 15th. So now I’m going to be power reading Assassin’s Blade today so I can hopefully start Queen of Shadows tonight and AHHHH! I’ve heard some rather discouraging things about this installment, so I’m a tiny bit worried, BUT still open-minded. If you want to follow along with my escapades, check out my #OGFQoS tag on Tumblr or the Unofficial AdultBooklr Read-Along thread on Goodreads!


The Wicked + The Divine

The official AdultBooklr read-along graphic novel for September is volume 1 of The Wicked + The Divine. I’ve had this trade for a couple months, now, and just picked it up a couple weeks ago, after we had selected it as our read-along for September. I still haven’t actually finished it, because I got distracted by The Martian, but I’ve only got one issue left in the first volume & then I also own the 2nd and all the current single issues, so I can get all the way caught up! This series is based on a really unique premise of 12 Immortals, who return to Earth once per century to live among the humans for 2 years before they die. This event is called “The Recurrence”, and is the basis for the whole series. I don’t have much more information beyond that, except that it’s exciting & unpredictable and the artwork is just utter perfection. Highly recommend.


August’s AdultBooklr graphic novel read-along was Batgirl of Burnside by Cameron Stewart, with art by Babs Tarr. I was late on this read-along, as well, but instantly fell in love with Barbara & this storyline of hers. I’m constantly mesmerized by Babs Tarr’s artwork, and have been a  fan of hers for a while now. I have the newer issues of this run, as well & I’m really looking forward to reading them.

Scarlet Witch

So, Wanda’s getting a new solo arc this fall and you know that makes me hella excited. I love her redesign by Kevin Wada and this cover by David Aja. I can’t wait to see what Marvel does with her. Again, I’m a little bit skeptical, but still optimistic. They did make some pretty huge changes to the character’s origin story, which is super obnoxious. Thanks, copyright. Bah.



Hellooooo, new favorite subscription box! Ok, I’ve done a bunch of different subscriptions over the last couple years & this one takes the freaking cake. FabFitFun is a quarterly box that combines fitness, lifestyle, and beauty products into one.  Every box is the same, but they jam nearly $250 worth of products into a $50 box every 3 months, and it is AWESOME. Take a look at  their summer box:

That’s a wireless bluetooth speaker, a 14k gold necklace, an exclusive jump rope, fragrance sample, tarte lip gloss, hair repairing spray, spray-on moisturizer, nail wraps, cleansing sponge, and a gift card to Headspace, which is a guided meditation app! Total value is near $300.

I actually loved this box so much that I ordered one for me & then a 2nd for my BFF as a birthday gift! The necklace alone is worth over $100. I got the yellow gold version with a moon pendant, and Kristi got the rose gold version with a horseshoe pendant. We both love them & I’m so excited to see what’s in the Fall box, which ships in a couple weeks! If you’re interested in checking out this service, you can get $10 off your first box with this link!*

*I have not been paid or sponsored by FFF. I just REALLY love this box <3.

Passion Planner

Yep. Still loving my Passion Planner! Thought I’d bring it up again, because we’re closing in on the end of the year AND they’ve been having lots of flash sales on their Academic planners! I’m finally working out an effective system & I need to do my August reflections/ September goal-setting and I’ll be writing up a thorough review in the near future!


Photo Candy App

I almost never pay for my apps. I don’t really see the point. BUT, I found this cute photo editor app & loved the different options it gives. PLUS, one of my credit cards has iTunes rewards, so I just recently received a $25 iTunes gift card, so it didn’t REALLY feel like spending money on an app. Anyway, Check out some of the cute edits I’ve done with this app! There’s a free version, too, by the way! You just get ads & a few less features. Still a totally great app, though!

I used it to create a couple fun Instagram posts last week:



This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Osmo is simple. It’s an iPad accessory that turns your tablet into an interactive game system. You get a stand and a little mirror attachment that hooks over your camera, as well as some Tanagram pieces & a set of both red & blue letter tiles. You then you download their free apps to play. There’s a Tanagrams game, multiple Word games, Physics games, and even an Art studio game. My mother-in-law bought this for Kiddo’s birthday and we have been having a BLAST with it. Check out the video below for more information!


Ah yes. Last, but CERTAINLY not least. BB-8 is the newest addition to the Star Wars Droid family. In case you hadn’t heard, Sphero has developed a remote-controlled version of the little guy with some seriously cool features. You can control him via any iOS or Android device, he responds to your voice, you can record and display holographic messages, he’s got an autonomous setting, and he has an adaptive personality. I have watched a number of BB-8 demos, and wanted to order one more than ANYTHING on Force Friday (September 4). Unfortunately, the price tag was a little high at $150. BUT THEN I GOT A SURPRIIIIISE today, when my husband informed me he ordered one!! We’ll have our very own BB-8 this time next week! Booyah ( yes, that just happened. deal with it)

Whew. OK, so I didn’t do a GREAT job being brief today, but I’ve had a lot of time to obsess without talking about it! It’s been a MONTH, you guys! A whole month where I didn’t write a thing. Nothing. It feels good to be back 🙂

How about you? What’ve you been up to since I disappeared? I’d love to hear from you!

Til Next Time ❤

What’s In My Bag? Books, duh.

This post also could have been titled “Why do I Need Regular Visits to the Chiropractor?”

I’ve kind of wanted to do a What’s In My Bag post for a few months, but never really had a good place to set up the photo. I really need to work on carving out some space for photography in my studio. Anyway, we’re moving offices at work & my new space is wide open & empty right now, so I just dumped the contents of my purse out & snapped a pic yesterday… ok that’s a lie. This is totally staged. But whatever. I’m about to get a whole lot less mysterious:


So, what IS in my bag? Let’s start with the obvious: books

Right now I’m carrying the following:

  • Saga, vol. 2 – I picked this up at the comic shop a couple weeks ago & just haven’t taken it out of my purse. Plus I kinda want to reread it soon, so I’ll just lug it around until I’ve done that
  • Hawkeye #22 – another comic shop purchase from that same day. I haven’t read the rest of this series, yet, but I figured the last issue is one I’d want to have & it was the last copy in my local shop, so I snatched it.
  • Skottie Young Secret Wars print (not a book) – they had these little prints at the shop for $.25, so obviosuly I had to have one, because Skottie Young.
  • Smut Peddler – this is a traveling annotation project I’m doing with some friends. It’s a collection of short, smutty, graphic stories. It’s explicit.  It is fantastic. Don’t read around children. Seriously.
  • Moleskine Journal – I carry everywhere, but rarely write in it. It’s just my thought journal that needs a little more love. I should work on that.
  • A Court of Thorns & Roses – this has since been replaced by Stardust because I finished ACOTAR over the weekend, but I always have whatever hard copy book I’m currently reading. Obviously.
  • Kindle Paperwhite – Can’t go anywhere without it. This is why I only ever carry one hard copy book. My kindle is my backup, in case I finish whatever I’m reading while I’m out. No sense making my bag ANY heavier than it already is!
  • Passion Planner – come on, I know you’re not surprised by this. My Passion Planner and I have been attached at the hip since day 1. I’ll be sharing a lot more about this love affair in a week or so.

Then, of course, are the other necessities

  • Sunglasses (from Target, similar)
  • EOS Lip Balm (vanilla mint, aka my addiction)
  • Headphones (free Apple headphones)
  • Gum
  • Bug Soother (because Iowa summers are buggy AF, no thanks)
  • Pilot Varsity pen set (for Passion Planning)
  • Sharpie Highlighter set (*also* for Passion Planning)
  • Pilot V-Ball pen (for whatever I need a regular pen for)
  • NYX Eye/Brow pencil in Copper (totally use this as lip liner – don’t judge me)

Then I’ve got my 2 pouches, which I didn’t feel like dumping out. The leather one came with the purse & just has all my cards and my key ring in it. If I’m just running in someplace, I can just grab the tiny clutch & it’s got my must-haves. The colorful pouch was an Ipsy bag from last year & contains more cosmetic-y things:


  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Stockholm, Istanbul, and Abu Dhabi
  • Maybelline lip liner in shade 50 Red
  • Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Are You Red-dy
  • Beauty for Real Lip Liner (came in a BoxyCharm & I can’t find the shade)
  • Covergirl Outlast Lipstick in shade 920 (red)
  • Duo Dark Tone Eyelash Adhesive
  • Generic Headache Medicine

Clearly I never want to risk being unable to achieve the perfect red lip while out & about  🙂

Lastly, the purse itself is the amazing Reversible Vegan Leather Tote from Urban Outfitters. I’ve had it for a few months, now, and I’m obsessed with it. I need it in other colors.

 And there you have it. The reason I am always a little hunched over. Heehee #bookloverprobs

Until Next Time ❤

Mixed: My Own Personal Playlist.

I’m still trying to get myself on track after my week-long hiatus, but I saw this prompt for a FanMix Playlist on Anna’s blog (NerdyAlerty) and thought it sounded fun. Plus, I REALLY need some positive jams in my life right now because I’m feeling the weight of anxiety about ready to crush me. SO. Tunes, tunes, tunes.

01. a song that makes you want to fall in love : thinking out loud / ed sheeran
02. your favorite pump up song: wasted / tiesto
03. your favorite song to rock out to: the pretender / foo fighters
04. a song that reminds you of summer: kamikaze / five iron frenzy
05. your favorite cover of a song: i knew you were trouble / walk off the earth
06. a song you sing in the shower: big bang / katy tiz
07. a song that reminds you of someone: into the ocean / blue october
08. what you want your wedding song to be falling in love at a coffee shop / landon pigg (my  ACTUAL wedding song)
09. your favorite 90s/2000s song: are you gonna be my girl / jet
10. a song to heal a heartbreak: gonna get over you / sara bareilles
11. your favorite song from a girl group: move / little mix
12. a song you know all the lyrics to: o.lover / jason mraz
13. your favorite oldies rock song: back in black / ac/dc
14. a song by your favorite artist: say you’re sorry / sara bareilles
15. a song that you like to fall asleep to: and the world turned / gabe dixon band
16. a song that makes you feel invincible: top of the world / juliana theory
17. a song that makes you feel better when you’re down: hooked on a feeling / blue swede
18. your favorite holiday song: this year / christina aguilera
19. a song that is from a genre of music you don’t usually listen to: take your time / sam hunt
20. a song you associate with your favorite book: happy together / filter (not on spotify *womp womp* but I’ve included a different version in my playlist)

Leave me a comment if you decide to do this, too, so I can check out your playlist! Needing ALL the good jams ever right now.


Until Next Time ❤

[6] Obsessive Wednesdays: Recaps!

Once again, Tumblr interferes with my writing time. Lol. I’ve spent the entire morning making new friends, though, so – worth it! Sometimes socializing just needs to take precedence over isolated writing time.  Tumblr is definitely in my obsessions list for all-time. Y’all should add me there. Here are a few other things I’m adoring this week:


hair collage

Wella 050 Toner

As recommended by the adorable Lauren Bradley Cox, I used this toner to color my hair silver right before Comic Con. For anyone interested in giving it a try (there are lots of other colors to try out, too), here are my tips!

1. Make sure your hair is lightened as far as you can get it, or this product will not work. It may take multiple bleachings (which should be spread out over a few months, with deep conditioning treatments in between) before your color is lifted enough. I highly recommend Olaplex to keep your hair healthy throughout the bleaching process.  Yes, it’s expensive, but the travel kit in that link will last you MULTIPLE bleachings. I’ve used it at least 6 times already.
2. Mix the toner with a 20 vol. developer at a 1:2 ratio of toner-to-developer. This is significantly stronger than what the instructions on the packaging suggest, because this product is intended to be an additive to a toner mixture, not used on its own. I made the mistake of following the box directions & ended up looking like this. YEESH! That’s blue on the length & yellow on the roots. It was NOT a good look, and I had to go out in public like that to pick up my daughter from my in-laws. *cries*


3. Apply with a brush, not a bottle. You want even saturation since this is being used as a dye. A bottle will have a harder time distributing the product evenly.
4. Leave on for a full 45 minutes. It might look like the color has fully processed before this, but just leave it on. Since this is a toner & not a dye, it will fade with your initial wash & be much lighter than it appears as it’s processing.
5. If you’re using 050 & it comes out too blue for your liking, I recommend following up with Lee Stafford Beach Blondes purple toning shampoo. This shampoo is a much warmer purple than the majority of toning shampoos I’ve found. It combats the blue & brings it back to a nice lilac-y grey.
6. Love your new hair color 😀



I found Colorworld Books at Wizard World Des Moines this past weekend. I was drawn in by their gorgeous aluminum prints/ bookmarks, and intrigued by the book the store is named after. When I got home on Sunday, I started stalking their social media & found their Etsy shop. I happened to have a $25 Etsy gift card on my account, so I pulled the trigger & ordered the first book. I’m so excited for it to arrive – it sounds amazing, and it looks simply beautiful.

Wendy, a 19-year old college student, can sense emotions when she touches people. As the sole caregiver for her younger brother Ezra, she is strapped for cash and decides to participate in an allergy study. But something goes wrong, and when Wendy wakes up, she learns that someone is dead and it was her skin that did it. Unable to touch people for fear of hurting them, Wendy is on the hunt for answers. Did they mean to make her a weapon, or something else entirely? That’s when she finds out she’s not the only one; superhuman abilities are real. Gabe, who works with the company responsible, feels badly about what happened and offers his help. Together they learn that Wendy was targeted for a specific reason, and it has nothing to do with her death touch.

PS I Still Love You

Yeah, yeah. It was on my list last week, but I just finished it & IT WAS SO GOOD. I’m working up a review with @loudlysilent for the Wind-Up Books Chronicle, so I’ll post a link once that’s ready. I just need to reiterate how obsessed I am with these characters.  I love, love, love them! And the ending. Oh man. *MELT*


Just discovered, thanks to one of my forever-loves, miss Nicole. It’s essentially Zappos’ outlet site & it has SUCH GREAT DEALS. Go & enjoy, my lovelies. Enjoy the pretty, affordable shoes.


I’ve been very distracted lately, so that’s all I’ve got this week. Add yourself to this list. I’m obsessed with you for reading this. Let me know what you’re geeking out over so we can be in it together!

Until Next Time ❤


Con Time! Plans for WWDSM Weekend

Tomorrow is Day 1 of the inaugural Wizard World Comic Convention in Des Moines, IA (WWDSM). We’ve never had a large-scale con like this before, so it’s encouraging to know that the 3-day passes sold out sometime last week (except that means hubby & I didn’t get weekend passes because we’re procrastinators…oops). I have a feeling this is going to be a very successful convention – it may actually surprise the Wizard World execs. Hopefully they opt for repeat performances & make Des Moines a standing stop on their tour going forward.

We’ve got a great lineup for this weekend, even though I’m heartbroken that BOTH James Marsters & Emily Kinney cancelled their appearances. We’ve still got Brandon Routh, Billy Dee Williams, Michael Cudlitz, Jewel Staite, Jason-Freaking-Mewes, Ernie Hudson, David Della Rocco AND Sean Patrick Flannery, Lou Ferrigno, and more! Plus I’m suuuuuper excited to cruise through Artist Alley & talk to creators/ fan artists. I’m hoping to pick up a few indie issues & maybe find some new favorites! Plus, artwork, artwork, artwork. I could spend the entire day in Artist Alley & not even care about the celebrities. I mean, I CARE, but I might geek out more over the creators. That’s just me.

A small group of our friends made the trip up to Wizard World Minneapolis in May 2014, so we kind of know what to expect from this event. I actually only attended that convention on Sunday, when everyone was starting to pack up, so I’m REALLY excited to see what the place looks like on Saturday when EVERYBODY & their mother is there. The boys all went all weekend, but I happened to have a pre-planned girls’ weekend (coincidentally also in Minneapolis) with my mom, aunt, and cousin for my cousin’s graduation – so I was booked up with MOA & Ikea on Friday & Saturday. Not that I’m complaining. AT ALL. That was one of the greatest weekends ever. *reminisce*

Show Floor @ Minneapolis Comic Con 2014

Anywho. So since we’re TERRIBLE planners (I mean, really, really terrible), hubby & I: a) didn’t get weekend passes, as mentioned above; b) didn’t plan cosplay far enough in advance; c) didn’t book a hotel room in advance; or d) all of the above? I think you know the answer.

It was yesterday when we started feverishly making plans. He booked a hotel for Friday night – luckily right across the street from the convention center & still reasonably priced. I called every beauty supply store in a 100 mile radius to find the right toner to dye my hair silver; only one store out of 5 that I called had the product in-stock, so I drove 45 minutes to pick it up.  When I got home from that adventure, hubby was grouchy that I stole his cosplay, so we scrambled to figure out something we could pull together last-minute for him (let me tell you: the one we settled on is going to be GREAT, but you’ll have to wait & see). We have yet to purchase event tickets.

Tonight’s agenda consists of a shit-load of laundry, bleaching & dying my hair silver (hopefully my employer doesn’t mind the atypical hair color), ticket-buying, and pack-pack-packing for the weekend. We depart tomorrow at noon!

I’ll be instagramming & tweeting our weekend adventures with the hashtag #WWSWATH, so if you want to see some crazy antics, make sure to check out that tag or follow me on twitter & instagram!

Want a Sneak Peak of my DOFP Quicksilver? Of course you do.
(I may have stolen it from hubby, but I’m the one who assembled it in the first place, so I still have some claim on it, right??)

That ^ is a wig. I think it’ll be much better when my natural hair is just dyed silver 🙂

Until Next Time ❤


[4] Obsessive Wednesdays: The Year of Cotton

Happy Wednesday! Don’t you love short weeks? This week is one of those busy, busy ones for me, so it’s actually moving pretty quickly. It’ll be the weekend before I know it & then I’m off for a whirlwind adventure to Cincinnati! In the meantime, here’s what I’m obsessing over THIS week!



That’s me, I promise. I’m a hair chameleon

This guy. Today’s our 2-year anniversary, which kind of sounds like nothing, and really, the last two years have flown by. I know, I know. Everyone says that, but it really doesn’t feel like it was a whole two years ago that we were in Las Vegas & I was having meltdowns left & right because I failed to plan out where I’d get my hair & makeup done or where we’d get flowers for the ceremony!  We had a few hiccups, but in the end the ceremony was BEAUTIFUL and I couldn’t be happier to have married the best friend I’ve ever had.  It’s been a crazy couple years, but there’s absolutely no one I’d rather be stuck with for the rest of my life

Just for funsies & nostalgia, here are some of my favorite wedding photos:


The Springs Preserve – Las Vegas, NV


Oh, that little munchkin back there!


This venue is breathtaking


Back home on the day of our reception


Cutest little love bug there ever was


I love these silly boys


Obligatory nerd photo

Look at all the fun we had. And we’ve been having fun ever since 🙂


via tumblr

Throne of Glass Series!! Well, hopefully you saw that I read Throne of Glass & Crown of Midnight last week. These books were incredible. I’m currently reading Heir of Fire, but I’m honestly having a hard time getting into it – I can’t tell if it’s just burnout since I read practically non-stop over the weekend or if this book is just that much slower than the other two. It’s still interesting, I just haven’t had that burning desire to binge-read it. The series as a whole, though – thoroughly obsessed. I’m so excited to read Assassin’s Blade & learn more about Celaena’s past! And then it’s a waiting game for Queen of Shadows in September…torture!

If you are unfamiliar with the series, it’s about an Assassin (obvi) who is pulled out of the labor camp she has been imprisoned in for the last year by the Crown Prince to compete in a tournament to become the King’s personal Champion. After 4 years of service, she’ll earn her freedom. It’s a series full of magic & faerie lore, as well as rather a lot of brutality. It’s seriously a great fantasy series.


Coldplay’s Game Of Thrones Musical.  If you haven’t at least heard about this, you have to be living under a rock (no offense), but this is quite possibly my favorite thing that has EVER come out of the internet. It is just utter perfection and every single second of it makes me impossibly happy. If you’re not a GOT fan, you probably won’t get any of the jokes, but if you are, they are AMAZING. Pretty sure I’ve watched it 100 times. And I can’t stop reblogging gifs of it on my tumblr.


Two things I bought for myself yesterday with leftover birthday money:

Spider-Gwen Hoodie. I’ve been looking around & these are impossible to find, still. So when I saw that We Love Fine is coming out with a Spider-Gwen collection, I knew I had to scoop up that hoodie ASAP. And for only $45, I feel like I won the lottery! Especially considering that they were already nearly sold out as of yesterday – Small & Medium were both gone already, as well as some of the larger sizes. Hopefully Large is the right size for me (I’m hoping they run a little small). I’m freaking pumped for this & it’s gonna make my Halloween costume kind of a no-brainer. The worst part is going to be the wait! Not shipping until September 1 (between this & Queen of Shadows, September is going to be AWESOME for me).

Reversible Vegan Leather Tote. I’ve been dying for a leather tote for ages, but let’s be honest – ain’t no way I can afford real leather. This vegan leather tote from Urban Outfitters is a great alternative for only $60 – it looks amazing & it’s REVERSIBLE! Are you kidding me? I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. UPS, get your shit together & bring me my bag! It’s big enough to hold my laptop & some books and even my camera, if I start figuring out how to use that thing. I have a feeling I’m going to be ordering another one of these bags in the future in a different color. Because options.

The list is a bit shorter this week than usual, but I’m probably WAY more excited about all of this than I usually am, so the level of obsessiveness is the same.  What’s got you excited this week? I’d love to know!

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