Oh, hello. I’m Christa.

I live in Iowa.

I have a tendency to obsess.Over everything.

I answered a bunch of random questions one time. You can go here to read them.

An abbreviated list of the fandoms I obsess over most, in no particular order:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer  //  Harry Potter  //  Game of Thrones  //  Walking Dead  //  Big Bang   Theory  //  Star Trek  //  Star Wars  //  The Selection  //  Vampire Academy/ Bloodlines  //  Firefly  //  Scarlet Witch + Vision  //  Saga by Brian K. Vaughan

I read a lot. And watch a lot of Netflix/ Hulu. I also like to talk about girly shit; like makeup, hair, fashion, and interior design.

If you’re into any of these things, we definitely have something to talk about. Why don’t you join me on Twitter? And if you’re a reader, then we definitely need to be friends on Goodreads!

Don’t be shy. Seriously. I love making new friends!


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