Five Fandom Friday: My Fictional BFF’s


Well, I’ve been AWOL for a hot minute, I know. That’s a really long story that we probably don’t need to get into right at this moment. BUT, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday prompt was way too good for me to miss – Fictional BFF’s!

1. Sydney Sage (Bloodlines) – Sydney is a hardcore academic with some serious compassion & loyalty. She fights fiercely for the people she loves & I think we’d make excellent besties.

fancasting for a film adaptation that will never happen, but wouldn't this be perfect?

fancasting for a film adaptation that will never happen, but wouldn’t this be perfect?

2. Hermione Granger – Another badass bookworm; who wouldn’t want to have Hermione in their corner? This is a no-brainer.


3. Zoe (Fanboys) – I love a crass woman, and Zoe definitely fits the bill. Plus she’s a hardcore geek & I could definitely use a girlfriend to geek out with.


4. Willow Rosenberg (Buffy) – I clearly gravitate towards like-minded academia lovers, huh? Willow has been my dream BFF since I was 10.


5. Cisco Ramon (The Flash) – I can’t help but smile any time Cisco is in a scene on Flash. He’s my absolute favorite. I love his cheesy nicknames for meta humans & his bad jokes. He just is who he is & he never apologizes for it.


Every single one of these characters is intelligent, a little quirky, and insanely loyal/compassionate. Those are the three most important characteristics to me in a friend.  Imagine the hijinks we’d all get into together….muahahaha.


Until Next Time ❤

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Five Fandom Friday: Things I’ve Bought But Haven’t Read/Watched/Played Yet


Oh man. This week’s Five Fandom Friday comes on a giant guilt-trip roller coaster! One of my biggest weaknesses is impulse shopping (especially books), so I’ve got a LOT of things to list here… I’ll try to narrow it down to the top 5, though.

#1 Vision & The Scarlet Witch Issues 1-4


To be fair to myself, I’ve only had these a couple of weeks. I picked them up at NewBo Con  at the beginning of February from the Geek City Games booth under some serious pressure from the salesperson *cough* brother-in-law, I’m looking at you. Anyway, I’m really excited to read these because I made a killer (albeit hasty) Scarlet Witch costume for Halloween. I usually refuse to dress as someone I don’t know anything about, so I made a point to read Wanda’s full Wiki page before Halloween & I was really intrigued by her back story & character arc. I’ve wanted to read more about her ever since, and when I found these hanging in the box, I couldn’t have passed them by, regardless. I’ll probably pick them up once my current reading list lightens up a little. Definitely before we go see Age of Ultron. I can’t wait to see these characters on the big screen (Paul Bettany? Yes please!)

#2 Cinder

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Ok, so this was actually a gift from my bestie LAST Christmas (I’m talking 2013) and I haven’t touched it yet. It is definitely on my list for this year, though. I’ve always loved fairytale re-tellings & have heard awesome things about the series. I actually just picked up Cress for my Kindle yesterday, so I mean business. The bonus is that by the time I actually get around to reading it, the final book will probably be released & I won’t have any of that pesky waiting to find out what happens.

#3 Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

This one’s embarrassing. I have read the first few chapters of the book – maybe 3-4 years ago, when True Blood was in season 3 or so. I actually own three copies of this – Paperback, E-Book, and Audio Book. And I STILL haven’t read it. I don’t know what it is, but those first few chapters just didn’t pull me in. It’s definitely not a convenience factor, because I don’t know how much more convenient I could have made it for myself. I’m not really sure why I bought the E-Book after I already had the paperback – maybe I thought I lost it? But we got the audiobook to listen to on a trip to visit my in-laws in Missouri, which is about an 8-hour drive. We listened to it for maybe 40 minutes before we were both falling asleep from the narration. It’s a little too soothing, I think. Haha. This is actually on my POPSUGAR reading challenge for this year as either a book that inspired a TV show or a book you’ve started but haven’t finished yet. I’ll get there. I hope.

#4 The Siren

The Siren by Kiera Cass

I bought this after I read the first two books in the Selection series because I loved Kiera Cass’s writing. It’s been sitting on my Kindle for a year, now, constantly getting passed up for other YA Lit & I’m not really sure why. I love, love, LOVE the Selection & can only imagine this will be a great read. I just never reach for it when I’m ready to start a new book.

#5 American Psycho

American Psycho (2000)

I don’t really buy many movies that I haven’t seen already, but I knew this was going to be a great movie, so I added it to my stack when the movie store I worked at (6 YEARS AGO) had a sale – it was only $4, after all. Now I actually own two copies of it – DVD & Bluray – because my husband got it when he bought his PS3 & it became one of very few duplicate titles when we merged our collections (I think Dodgeball & Anchorman were the only other two that were duplicated…so take that as you will).  I’m not really sure why I’ve never watched it. I mean, I know it’s going to be good. I guess I’m just rarely in the mood for (what I assume to be) a thriller/horror movie. And when I am in the mood for one, my husband usually gets to pick since he loves those movies & rarely gets to watch them with me.  I should seriously rectify this issue…maybe around Halloween 🙂


Choose Your Own Autobiography

I got Neil Patrick Harris’ book “Choose Your Own Autobiography” for Christmas this year & haven’t read it yet. It looks hilarious, but I’m afraid I’m going to be too confused by the format. It’s so different, but I’m really looking forward to it – if I can fit it in among the rest of my reading list this year. Eep!

Big thanks to Kristen & Megan for hosting 5 Fandom Fridays. It’s been a great way to discover & connect with fellow geeky female bloggers!

Until Next Time ❤

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  1. Book: The Duff – Kody Keplinger
  2. Comic: Princeless, Book 1 –  Jeremy Whiteley & M. Goodwin
  3. Music: Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
  4. TV: Gilmore Girls, Season 7
  5. YouTube: Alison Faulkner
  6. Blog: The Nerdy Girlie

Mid-Series Review: Bloodlines

I just finished reading “The Indigo Spell” by Richelle Mead, which is the 3rd book in the Bloodlines series, so I thought I’d give a mid-series review & we can see how things change once I finish out the last 3 books.

Series Background

So, before jumping into Bloodlines, you MAY want to read the Vampire Academy series. Yes, it’s another 6-book series, but it is great. It’s everything a YA Vampire series SHOULD be. Romantic, exciting, scary, snarky, & none of this damsel in distress/ depressed over my boyfriend crap that a *certain* series took to the extreme. It’s not 100% necessary to read VA first, but Bloodlines carries quite a few of the characters over into this new narrative, and without really experiencing what they went through in the original series, I don’t feel like you’ll have the same emotional connection to them. The recap is pretty thorough, so I don’t feel like you’d be completely lost, but there would definitely be some holes in your comprehension of the characters’ motivations, etc.

Vampire Academy Covers

Jumping into a 12-book commitment might sound a little intimidating, but it’s been completely worth it to me. The books are pretty light (apart from the 400+ page counts) & easy reads with tons of momentum & action to keep you turning pages. Also, there are LOTS of characters – like, Harry Potter lots, not Song of Ice and Fire lots – so even if you don’t identify with the main protagonists, you’re sure to find someone to love.


Comparing the first 3 books of Bloodlines to the entire series of Vampire Academy is a complicated beast, seeing as this narrative hasn’t resolved itself yet (for me). HOWEVER, I will say that my current opinion is that Bloodlines is the (marginally) superior story line. I find that I connect more with the characters (Sydney Sage is SO much more my speed than Rose Hathaway, although watching Rose kick ass & take names was always a good time) and that the whole Alchemists organization is much more intriguing to me than what I felt to be a very straight-forward good-vs-evil theme in VA. In other words, Bloodlines feels more like a conspiracy theory/ thriller-type plot, while Vampire Academy was more of the action/ adrenaline/ romance plot. Both are great, Bloodlines is just a tiny bit more my style.


Thoughts on Books 1-3

In the first 3 books of this series, you are re-introduced to somewhere between 5-10 characters that appeared in Vampire Academy. The younger characters go undercover & attend a private school in Palm Springs, and that’s when shit starts to go down.  All I can really tell you is that the Alchemists exist to protect the human world from discovering the existence of the vampire world. Most Alchemists are terrified of Moroi (the good, magic-wielding, sun-dwelling vampires), but the real threat is the Strigoi (evil, immortal, freakishly strong, stuff-of-nightmares vampires). Anyway, the Alchemists view all supernatural creatures as unholy & tainted. They would have nothing to do with the Moroi if it weren’t for their vow to protect the humans from supernatural creatures. The purpose of this undercover-op is to prevent an all-out civil war between the Moroi, and Sydney Sage is among the group sent in the field.

So far, I have loved this series, but the 3rd book took a little while to really grab my attention. I powered through the first two books in a matter of 3 days, but the 3rd one took me a few weeks. I feel like some stuff went down at the end of the 2nd book (The Golden Lily) & should have continued into the beginning of The Indigo Spell, but got put on pause until basically the very end of it. Also, there were a LOT of concurrent plot lines & threats going on in the 3rd book. It was kind of hard to keep track of who knew what & what was top priority. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it did make this 3rd installment feel more chaotic than I liked.

I finished The Indigo Spell pretty late last night, but couldn’t stop myself from picking up The Fiery Heart (book 4) & I’m already hooked on that one (after like 15 pages, because that’s when I fell asleep), so hopefully my qualms with book 3 don’t carry over into the rest of the series. Excited to have a little time to devote to this one tonight!

Until Next Time ❤

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