Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want to be Movies

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to imagine some of my favorite books as movies/ tv shows, so here’s another Top Ten Tuesday, comin’ at ya.

 1. Crewel by Gennifer Albin. This book was really unique & the world-building was just so vivid. I didn’t ADORE the other books in the series, but I think the first would make a really great movie adaptation. There are so many aspects that would be really amazing to see recreated with movie magic.

2. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan. Another REALLY unique universe. I think it’s great that we already have the wonderful visuals of the universe, thanks to Fiona Staples’ breathtaking illustrations, but I’d love to see these characters come to life even further!

3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. This is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year, just because it is SO sweet & cute & I really feel for Lara Jean. I think it would make a fun movie that would probably get added to my stack of sick day chick flicks.

4. Blink by Ted Dekker. One of my favorite books when I was in high school – this book is fast-paced with tons of action & a cute little love story beneath the primary plotline. I would love to see how a filmmaker would interpret the experience of Seth’s visions of the future.

5. Circle Series by Ted Dekker. I really love Ted Dekker, and his Circle Series is phenomenal. You get two parallel story lines in two different worlds, and they each make impacts on the other. You barely have time to catch your breath when reading the books – I can only imagine what kind of experience this would be on screen.

6. The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. Ok, I don’t talk about it much, but I effing LOVE historical fiction. None more so than The Birth of Venus. It’s sexy and exciting while paying homage to some of the greatest artists to ever walk the Earth. The costuming alone would be incredible.

Now, some of my favorites are also in the PROCESS of being adapted for the screen. These are the 4 I’m most excited about:

7. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Putting Tim Burton at the head of this ship was the best move I could have ever wished for. I ADORE this series & I’m a huge Burton junkie, so this match has me tinkling myself until release day.

8. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Just finished this & could NOT be more amped for the film. I think Spielberg has this locked down. I mean, who can better emulate the 80’s than someone who had his thumb on the pulse of EVERYTHING as it was happening?

9. The Selection by Kiera Cass. Warner Brothers just won the rights to option this film & I’m so, so hoping that it comes to fruition. The WB has attempted to make pilots for a TV show before, with really negative reception from audiences (yours truly included). I’m praying that IF the film is developed that it is done justice. Maxon + America MUST be done justice as one of my all-time favorite ships.

10. The B.F.G. by Roald Dahl. Another of my all-time favorite books. Spielberg’s got his name on this one, too. And I really think it’s going to be great. I read this thing like 100 times as a kid & can’t wait to reread it before the film release.


Woop, there it is. And I assure you, I am geeking the hell out over those last 4.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet

T3It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s list had me stumped for a little while because while I’d LOVE to meet any author of any book I’ve ever read, there are only a small handful of ones I obsess over. However, once I loosened my grip on the definition of “author”, I was able to fill in the remaining gaps. 🙂

Ten Authors

  1. JK Rowling. Author of my favorite series & just generally a genius. I’d love to interact with someone who has so much imagination that she can create a world as rich & complete as Harry Potter.
  2. Kiera Cass. My next favorite series – especially after reading The Heir. I would spend most of my time fangirling & begging her to tell me whether the cliffhanger at the end of The Heir turns out OK or not! OMG. Seriously.
  3. Ransom Riggs. The Miss Peregrine books were definitely my favorites I read last year.  This is another instance of a rich & wholly complete world that has come from somebody’s imagination & I just want to pick that person’s brain to figure out how you even DO that.
  4. Ernest Cline. Currently reading Ready Player One. I honestly don’t have much experience with Ernest Cline’s work, other than that. But what I’ve read of RP1 has already made me want to meet him. I’m sure we’d have plenty to talk about.
  5. Ted Dekker. Ted Dekker was my favorite author all through high school. Honestly, his books are probably the only reason I SURVIVED high school.  His stories are filled with suspense and wars on morality. There are heavy religious undertones (which was fine for a girl who spent 3 nights a week in church) and lessons about persistence and martyrdom. I’m actually re-reading some of his stuff this year & I still enjoy it just as much, even though I’m not nearly as religious as I once was.
  6. Brian K. Vaughan. I’m such a huge fan of Brian K. Vaughan’s body of work. He may not be a “novelist”, but he is sure as hell an author. Between Saga, The Runaways, Y: The Last Man, and his work on things like Buffy Season 8, I’d just want to hang out with him for a day. We’d get some coffee & come up with a new story to tell. On that note…
  7. Joss Whedon. Totally counts. Forget about the controversy right now & just appreciate Joss for Joss. I do. ❤ The only reason he’s so low on the list is because it’d be cheating to put him up high when his primary career is not “author”. But I’d give nearly anything to hang out with him for a day.
  8. Richelle Mead. I’ve only read the Vampire Academy & Bloodlines series, but I’m fully obsessed with them both. I didn’t realize how vast her body of work is until recently when I started looking into other series to dive into. Someone who can produce such a high volume of HIGH QUALITY fiction is definitely someone I want to meet.
  9. George R.R. Martin. I haven’t READ any of the Song of Ice & Fire books. I will someday, but I hate the feeling of waiting for a new release, so without even having a release date, I’m just not willing to get myself in that situation. I’d still like to meet the man behind Westeros, though. And maybe try to kick his ass into gear on cranking out that new book. Haha.
  10. Hannah Hart. My dream BFF. I love everything about her. This was a no-brainer. I’m just glad she wrote a book so I could put her on this list 🙂

Honorable Mention: Veronica Roth. So I can punch her in the face. Not joking. She ruined an entire month for me. Well, ok. I’d at least give her a stern talking-to.

How about you? Any authors you’re just dying to meet? Let me know in the comments!

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Comic Newbie: My First Comic EVER

I’ve done it. I’ve popped my Comic Book cherry. And I am completely hooked.

While I bought the first 4 issues of Vision & The Scarlet Witch at NewBo Con a couple weeks ago, I still haven’t read those. My first foray into comics ended up being one that came highly recommended from multiple sources & doesn’t even have anything to do with superheroes. Seriously, who knew there were comics NOT about superheroes? Ugh. Noob status.


I’m really glad I started with Saga. I feel like it really opened my eyes to the possibilities in the world of comics & showed me that comics are NOT just for kids who are obsessed with superheroes. I mean, this comic is FOR ADULTS. I actually got kind of concerned by the mature subject matter because the copy I read came from the Library and I thought all the comics were stored with the YA Lit. I was super relieved to find that they only house Manga in the YA section & all the comics/ graphic novels are actually on the 2nd floor with the movies & nonfiction. Seriously, no 12-year-old who is perusing the YA section should be able to get their hands on this (at least in my opinion). All that said, I am entirely obsessed with this series. I’ve only read the volume one so far, but I have 2-4 at home, just waiting for me to pick them up & devour them.

Let me start with the reading experience. I did read a little manga back when I was in high school. I had a boyfriend who was really into Japanese culture & we watched a ton of anime & read manga pretty much exclusively. It was never really my favorite. I enjoyed it, but never found that story that really hooked me in. I was mostly doing it so he’d like me more. But that experience made reading this comic pretty natural for me.

I love that I can get through so much content & narrative in such a short period of time. The first volume took me somewhere around 30 minutes to read completely due to the lack of descriptive language. That’s a huge benefit for someone who hates to pick up a book unless I have hours to devote to making some serious progress in the story. Comics don’t need all that frilly language to describe what’s going on, because it’s all presented visually, which brings me to the artwork.

saga art

Oh my god. I’m a former art major and I cannot get over the beauty of the illustrations in this comic. Fiona Staples is now very high on my bucket list of people to meet before I die. The colors are vibrant, even during dark scenes and there is so much expression in the characters’ faces that it’s practically like watching a movie. Every single panel is its own unique work of art & I love having all of that at my fingertips. The visual drives the narrative which, again, is completely enthralling.


Brian K. Vaughan is one hell of a creative dude. This world he has created is full of magic and mystery and romance and brutality. It is not idealized. It feels like a world that could actually  exist in some far-off reaches of the universe. It’s easy to root for the main characters on their journey because it’s so easy to identify with them on any number of levels. I’m keeping things vague for those who haven’t read it, but Alana is quickly becoming one of my favorite female fictional characters of all time (holy alliteration, batman!). And I love that the whole thing is being narrated by Hazel. It’s a really unique perspective and I love her sassy attitude.


Star Wars-style action collides with Game of Thrones-esque drama in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for mature readers, as new parents Marko and Alana risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war.

Fiona Staples - Saga Illustration

First Panel of Vol. 2 – I already sneaked a peak & it’s GORGEOUS

Saga, Vol. 1 gets  a glorious 5/5 stars on Goodreads & an unprecedented 11/10 stars in my heart. Can’t wait to get into the next volume. Not to mention all the other comics this has led me to check out from the library. Here’s what’s coming up on my list:

I have all of these for the next 3 weeks & can’t wait to get into some different styles of comics. I’ve taken to carrying one with me instead of my Kindle. 🙂

Do you have any suggestions for a newbie to the comic world? I’m ready & willing to learn!

Until Next Time ❤

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