[3] Obsessive Wednesdays: Re-re-replay

Hey, y’all! It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for me to geek out a little for you & share some of the stuff I’m obsessing over riiiiiiiight now! And, go:


Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs

Bought this for myself since a certain hubby of mine dropped the ball on Mother’s Day *cough, cough*. It turned out just fine, though, because not only did I end up getting new books guilt-free, but I also got the experience of browsing all the glorious shelves at the bookstore – so maybe he didn’t fail so much as really, really win?

ANYWAY. I knew I needed this book from the moment I first heard about it, so I picked it up last Thursday at Barnes & Noble since it just came out Tuesday. I’ve only read a couple chapters, but I’m LITERALLY (not using this ironically…this is NOT a drill…this is LITERAL) squealing for joy every 5 minutes & I can’t stop reading passages to my husband. I feel as though this book was written just for me and it speaks to my soul on a level no non-fiction book has ever reached. Reading Fangirl’s Guide has been one of the most exciting experiences of this year, because it just feels SO. GOOD. to feel understood. ❤ ❤ ❤ *squees for days*

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Since I finished Ready Player One last week, it was time to move on to the next book on my TBR pile. I picked this up last night & blasted through the first 50 pages before I became incoherent & fell asleep with it open on my chest. I love books that just dive right into the story – it’s always a little disorienting to try and world-build when you’re not getting the setting & character development up front, but it’s so much fun when those gaps start to fill in as little pieces are revealed through an action-packed narrative.  I’m dying to get out of work today so I can go home & keep going. This book is rad as hell so far.


Bad Blood Music VIdeo

Who isn’t freaking out about this? It’s full of SO. MUCH. AWESOME. I can’t stand it. I’ve been humming Bad Blood for days, now, and I’m still not sick of it.  T.Swift’s life game is so on-point it’s ridiculous. Every time she puts out a new music video, my love for 1989 is renewed & I listen to it on repeat for weeks. Can’t wait for September, when I get to see her in Minneapolis!

Anna Kendrick: Indiana Jones??

Wait. Why isn’t this real? Can studio execs please watch this & realize that the world NEEDS Anna Kendrick to be the next Indiana Jones? Supposedly the next installment has been “in the works” since early last year, but it doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction with production. Maybe what they need is not just a “reboot”, but a complete makeover? The kind that comes with a little more estrogen & snark? Either that, or just scrap the project all together because I’m not exactly interested in regurgitated story lines with younger versions of the original cast.  Give me Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones & then maybe, idk,  throw Chris Pratt in there for good measure? Cuz who wouldn’t want to see that? I’ll stop now. Just watch the video. Because it’s glorious.


Avengers: Age of Ultron [Scarlet Witch]

Finally went back & saw this for a second time on Saturday (the first time was opening night & I missed a good chunk of the movie from being sleepy/tipsy on my birthday). Now, I’m not exactly obsessing over the movie as a whole, but I can.not. stop thinking about every major Wanda moment in the film. I missed them ALL the first time around, so when she started doing real magic – I got GOOSEBUMPS, guys. Legit, shivery goosebumps. I’m such a huge fan of Scarlet Witch – it started when I dressed as her for Halloween last year – and I was SO excited to see her come to life on screen. I know there has been a lot of controversy regarding the casting of Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda, since she is neither Romani nor Jewish, but I have to say – I think she nailed it. And I am pumped to see her in Cap 3. I hope they bring in the full costume, though – it’s just not Scarlet Witch without the headpiece!



A-Force #1 is out today, and I’m headed down to the comic book shop to pick up my copy the instant I get out of work. Just check out all those AMAZING variant covers!



This photo set is utter perfection. All those beautiful shades! I need to get all over making my hair a different color. It’s just time.


Nate Berkus Office Collection @ target

I’ve been slobbering over all of this for ages, but I think it’s time I bring some of it home with me – because OMG.


There you have my faves for the week – what are you obsessing over? Is there something I’m totally missing?! Let me know!

Until Next Time ❤

February Reflections & March Aspirations

Monthly Goals

February was actually a really big month for me. I started focusing on my goals & making more of a point to live my life exactly how I want to live – expending energy only on the things that are either necessary or enriching my overall life experience.

  1. Blogging.  I have always wanted to start a blog – a place where I can literally babble on about whatever I want. It’s nice to have a connection with people who share my interests & to have the opportunity to interact with anyone who enjoys what I’m writing about, but my ultimate motivator here was to just have an outlet to get all these thoughts & ramblings out of my head and into the world. I really couldn’t be happier with the impact this blog has had on my creative juices and general sense of self. I’m less than a month into it, but for the first time, I absolutely see myself sticking with it. I’ve actually tried to start blogs before, but I always tried to make them similar to the blogs I’m obsessed with reading, which really isn’t my forte. I never stuck it out longer than a month because it was just so exhausting to come up with content that I thought people would want to read.  Adjusting my expectations and theme for this blog has really made it that much easier to set aside time to write every day & I’m rolling in topics that I want to explore in coming posts.
  2. Embracing the Nerd. I’ve always known I was a huge nerd – and in certain circles, I’ve always worn it proudly, like a badge of honor. Bragging about my storm trooper tattoo or admitting how much I love Star Trek. This month I made a conscious effort to let the nerd seep into every corner of my life and stop trying separate my modern-crafty-girlie-young-mother persona from my nerdy one. I’m one person and I need to be the same person all the time.  Allowing myself to geek out about things to people I have never geeked out to has not only made me feel more like myself, but has also made it incredibly clear that those who love me have always known I’m a nerd, even when I wasn’t talking about it. They’re not going to stop loving me just because I love to talk about sci-fi or books.
  3. Purging. Towards the end of the month, I began a huge purge-fest of things (mostly clothing, craft supplies, & baby gear) that I have been hoarding for years. Getting rid of all this extra junk is easing a lot of the stress in my life & I can’t believe how much easier I can breathe knowing that I’m so close to having an orderly home. Once I’ve pared down my possessions to only those that I use or that make me happy, I can focus on decorating & making it a relaxing place that I love to spend time. Because right now, that is mostly not the case.

I don’t really have very lofty goals for March, except to keep on this path I’ve begun. I definitely have some work ahead of me in the purge department, and I’d like to see the whole project complete by the end of March so I can be done with spring cleaning by the time spring rolls around.  Some other things I’m going to be working on this month in my life:

  1. Making a Budget. We’re terrible at this. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is not a great way to exist as a young homeowner & parent. Hubby & I need to sit down this month & really look at our finances. I’ll ashamedly admit that I have no idea what expenses we have each month or what our financial situation looks like & I’d really like to get a handle on it so we can take steps towards eliminating debt & building a nest egg. There’s a ton of work that our house needs – BIG work like windows, a new roof, tree removal, and new floors – and right now I don’t see us being able to take care of most of it for a few years. If we could accelerate the timeline a bit, I think we’d both be happier. Especially the windows situation, because I can’t even tell you how high our utility bills are due to the EXTREME inefficiency of the windows. I’m surprised the rain doesn’t leak in.
  2. Starting a Capsule Wardrobe. As mentioned in my post last week, I have committed to building myself a capsule wardrobe for spring. I really think it’s going to simplify my life & leave me a lot more time to devote to my passions instead of laundry & outfit-picking. Also, it’s gonna be nice to completely curb that whole impulse-shopping thing that I tend to do.
  3. Solidifying Career Goals.  God, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life for …well, my whole life. And I still don’t have a solid answer. I think my ultimate requirement is that I just want to do something that allows me creative freedom, as well as the freedom to work when & how I want to. I’ve got a good thing going that shows a lot of promise, so I’m hoping March is the month that helps me make a leap into something that becomes a career instead of just a job.

These all feel kinda huge & vague at the same time, but I’m turning 27 in just under 2 months & I really want 2015 to be the year where I get my shit together & start living like an adult. That’s not to say I’m ever going to begin ACTING like an adult, because where’s the fun in that? But there’s a difference between having your shit together and being a boring grown up. You can have your shit together & still know when and how to be silly or ridiculous. That’s what I need to do.

How about you? Any growing up to do this month? Being an adult is hard, but it’s weirdly fun. And it’s going to be super-satisfying to feel like my life is in order.

Until Next Time ❤

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  1. Book: Silver Shadows– Richelle Mead
  2. Comic: Saga, Vol. 3 – Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
  3. Music: Walk off the Earth
  4. TV: Gilmore Girls, Season 7 (SO CLOSE TO THE END)
  5. YouTube: OnlyLeigh
  6. Blog: A Beautiful Mess

Five Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Children After



I’m a little tardy this week, but I couldn’t NOT participate because this is such a good prompt, so let’s just forgive & forget, shall we?

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is Characters I Would Name my Children After.  Now, I clearly already have a child, who is named after my maternal grandmother. My grandma’s name was Doris Evelyn & my munchkin is Evelynne Grace. I spent a ton of time with my grandparents as a small child, and ever since my grandmother passed when I was in 7th grade, I knew I was going to name my first daughter after her.

I’m really not planning on having any more kids, but here are some names I would totally choose in the event that changes:

1. Arya.


2. Felicity.


3. Luna.


4. Xander.


5. Oliver.


BONUS. My top 2 pet names:

1. Thea


2. Harley


I’m just now realizing that this post is a little Arrow-centric. That was not intentional. I’ve just been catching up on the last few weeks & I guess it’s stuck in my mind. Plus they’re just great names with great characters associated to them 🙂

Until Next Time ❤

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Big thanks to Kristen & Megan for hosting 5 Fandom Fridays. I can’t get enough of reading everyone’s responses!

Casual Cosplay: Charlie Bradbury

So, I went to a small con called NewBo Con this past weekend, and it was awesome. This was the first convention in Cedar Rapids, and it was so successful it sounds like next year is going to need a bigger venue!


I totally slacked on pulling together a cosplay, so I went the Casual Cosplay route, and threw together an outfit inspired by one Charlie Bradbury. The best part? Every single piece (except the shoes) came from Old Navy! I was too dumbfounded by the con itself to remember to take pics of my outfit (stupid, I know. newb mistake), but here’s what I wore:

Charlie Bradbury Inspired

 As you can see, I sort of made a hybrid of a few different outfits she wears in the show. I wanted to emulate her style without looking like I tried to copy an outfit and completely failed (seeing as I threw this together in like one 30-minute shopping trip). In the end, only one person caught the reference – one person who is a diehard SPN fan – BUT I felt cute & badass at the same time and I was comfortable all day, so that’s good enough for me.

I’m hoping to get more into these character-inspired outfits as time goes on. I’ve never actually cosplayed, but I do tend to go over-the-top with halloween costumes. I’ll have to post about that sometime. I’m hoping I can pull something awesome together for Wizard World Des Moines this year & do my first true cosplay.

Anyway, I’ll have to post a bit more about NewBo Con later this week. It really was a great event with a great turnout. I can’t wait to visit again next year in the new venue!


Until Next Time ❤