Lip Sync Sunday: Black Widow

What? It’s WEDNESDAY already? Yeah I totally missed the mark on this, but I’ve been under the weather, so I’m forgiving myself.

Sometimes I  like to make a really big fool of myself and this weekend was no exception. I’ve been completely obsessed with MannyMUA’s YouTube channel lately for his FLAWLESS makeup tutorials & those brows that I would die for. I tried out one of his tutorials on Friday night, which I felt turned out really well. So when it wouldn’t photograph well, I decided to make a video. But not just any video – a lip sync video. To Iggy Azalea. I don’t really know that there’s much to say beyond that… Just take a look at this ridiculousness.

Yep. There that is. It’s out there in the world now. Hope it makes at least one person laugh the way it makes me laugh.

Until Next Time ❤


OGF Signature


PS – I decided to start adding this little “currently into” block so you guys can get a better idea of the things that keep me obsessed on the daily 🙂


  1. Book: The Fiery Heart – Richelle Mead (Bloodlines book 4)
  2. Comic: Saga, Vol. 1 – Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
  3. Music: ZZ Ward
  4. TV: Gilmore Girls, Season 7
  5. YouTube: MannyMUA
  6. Blog: Super Space Chick


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