Sienna & Luke Are Back for Flash Fiction Wednesday

So, I missed last month’s Flash Fiction Wednesday, which meant I had to make an extra effort to participate this month. And also, there is no Obsessive Wednesday post for this week. Because Flash Fic. That’s why.

This month’s excerpt is a continuation of the piece I wrote in April, which you can read here. This is a really rough draft that I spent literally zero time editing, so please don’t judge too harshly. On the other hand, I would really love any constructive feedback you lovely readers might have.

“Oh my god, I’m so, so sorry! Are you ok?” she searched his face for signs of anger or embarrassment, but saw only the dumbfounded look of someone who had just been dropped into a pile of glass.

As far as Sienna could tell, Luke hadn’t felt what she had: that electricity that shot from her fingertips throughout her entire body, leaving shivers lingering on her spine and a tingle in her chest. At least, if he had felt it, he showed no signs as he staggered to his feet on his own.

“I’m fine, Ace. Now you just have more glass to dig out of my flesh,” he showed her his left hand, newly embedded with tiny pieces of glass. “Hope you have a strong stomach.”

Sienna did not, in fact, have a strong stomach. As she led Luke to the upstairs bathroom and fetched the first aid kit from the medicine cabinet, her mind swam. Between the alcohol, caffeine, adrenaline, squeamishness, and the near-literal electric shock she just sustained, it was a miracle she was even conscious right now. She took a steadying breath before looking Luke in the eye as she reached for the shard of glass still sticking out of his arm.

“You going to make it?” he asked her, apparently genuinely concerned. Crap. Was it that obvious that she was not handling this well?

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just…this is gonna hurt.”

Sienna tried to steel her face, not wanting Luke to see how uneasy she was. But was it the injury? Or was it him? She was by no means inexperienced when it came to men, but something about his pale green eyes and left-side dimple had her practically worshipping him in her mind, like some kind of giddy schoolgirl. No. That was ridiculous. It was definitely the injury. Sienna hated blood.

One more calming breath and Sienna grasped the shard of glass and slowly pulled it from Luke’s flesh, careful to avoid making contact with his skin or looking him directly in the eye. She knew it had to hurt – like a bitch – but Luke didn’t make a sound, aside from a sharp intake of breath when the glass finally dislodged itself from his skin. She had a stack of gauze pads at the ready for when the blood came, and pressed them firmly against the wound as she prepared to disinfect the area. Luckily, the large shard appeared to be the only foreign material in this wound, and she had it bandaged in just a few minutes – all without making direct eye or physical contact with Luke.

But then it came time to address his left hand. Sienna grabbed a pair of pointed tweezers, a trashcan, and a small flashlight. She took a seat on the edge of the bathtub – right at eye-level with Luke, who was watching her with an admiring kind of curiosity.

She tentatively reached for his injured hand, needing to bring it closer to her so she could properly examine it. The instant her skin made contact with his, the electric shock was back, running from her toes to her earlobes and back again, but this time she didn’t let go. She simply sat there, staring at their hands together, allowing this foreign and admittedly pleasurable feeling to course through her.

When she finally regained enough of her wits to realize she was in this bathroom with another human being, she reluctantly brought her eyes to meet Luke’s. The utterly stunned look on his face seemed to indicate that this time, he had felt something, too.

“Now I understand why you dropped me.”

Big thanks to @loudlysilent for inviting me to partake in FlashFictionWednesdays. If you’d love to get involved, just write a piece of fiction 600 words or less & share it with us on the first Wednesday of every month with the hashtag #FlashFicWed!

Until Next Time ❤

4 thoughts on “Sienna & Luke Are Back for Flash Fiction Wednesday

  1. loudlysilent says:

    Whoa, I got chills at the end!! I love the “Between the alcohol, caffeine, adrenaline, squeamishness…” line. It totally puts me in Sienna’s shoes. And loved your use of “steel” — I can see her trying not to grimace/vomit! You’re such a great writer!


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