[Book Tag] Find Me Tag!

//  “gone” in the title  //  weapon   // moon  //  girl in a white dress  //  couple kissing  //

//  sunset  //  headphones //  water  //  flower  //  heart  //

*Hover for plot summaries*

 Rosie Reads participated in this Find Me book tag last week & I thought it’d be fun to try my hand at it. She chose to use books she had on her physical bookshelf, but I chose to use ones in my Goodreads TBR list. I have not read any of these books, but I’m really excited to!! This was surprisingly difficult – like a game of hide & seek in the dark!

I’m going to tag Anna @ Nerdy Alerty and Kristin @ Super Space Chick, but if anyone else wants to participate, just paste your link in the comments & I’ll definitely check it out!

This tag originated from Novel Reads.

Until Next Time ❤

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