Holy Birthday.

I had the best birthday last week, you guys. [Caution: Random blabbering ahead.]

Thursday was a non-stop kinda day. I got to work around 7:00 & had a huge meeting across town until noon. That wasn’t an ideal way to start my birthday, BUT it did include a free catered fajita buffet, so it definitely wasn’t a bad thing. Plus then I got to call it a day after lunch, which was perfect.

I went home & got changed into my midnight movie uniform (Marvel tank top, duh) before heading out to meet up with some friends who were sweet enough to invite me to their lunch date. I was super stuffed from the catered lunch, but figured the last thing I should be doing on my birthday was just sitting on my couch waiting for the action to start. SO, I ordered a gigantic margarita & had a great time talking Star Wars & Avengers while they had lunch.

Before the party could really get going, hubby & I had to take kiddo to her Kindergarten open house (moment of silence, please, cuz my baby starts kindergarten in the fall T_T). We had no idea what to expect, but it was mostly an informational thing where the faculty described to us the daily routine of the kindergarten class. I was utterly shocked at the level of autonomy they expect out of kindergarteners. Maybe I’m underestimating my kid, but I am super nervous to have her be responsible for getting herself on the right bus & off at the right stop or serving herself lunch from the buffet line. Eek. Oh well. We’ve got all summer to work on it, right? Plus, look at that  face. She’s gonna be just fine.

We had about 15 minutes to get home, get kiddo changed for  dance, send her off with my mom, and get ourselves out of the house to meet our friends at the bar for our Avengers Pre-Game/ my pseudo-birthday party. It was close, but we managed. 🙂

From there, it was all about the good times. No responsibilities, celebrating great friends, and getting completely pumped for the movie by indulging in very heated debates about comics & superheroes. Not that that’s new for us, by any means. Have you checked out SWATH yet? That is kind of our default setting.  #shameless plug #sorrynotsorry

We had probably 25 people at the bar with us, which made us the really loud, obnoxious table in the place (again, not a novel situation…that’s pretty typical). AND here’s where I lend a huge shout-out to Raven for slaving away over cherry tomatoes to make me my favorite BLT bites. Holy lordy those are amazing.  And she made enough for EVERYONE. Even the waitress got her hands on a couple.

I’ll be perfectly honest & admit that I may have been having a little bit TOO good of a time before the movie.  I’m not sure how many drinks I had, but I’m certain my adult beverage-to-water ratio was NOT proportionate. And then we made our way to the movie theater, which sells alcohol. I always thought they only had beer, but I discovered last week that they also have margaritas! And they’re surprisingly good – as in, surprisingly strong.  After a couple of those, I was feeling REALLY good & officially uncontrollably excited for the movie (have I mentioned that I was REALLY excited to see the movie?). In case you were wondering, we were also the really loud, obnoxious group in the movie theater. BUT we respect the movie, so we calmed down after the previews. We’re not THAT obnoxious. We literally took up 1.5 rows of the theater. It was kind of epic. Our largest movie premier turnout ever (we do this for almost every late-night release).

I’m gonna skip over my thoughts on the movie – partially because this post is long enough already and partially because I might have taken a tiny nap towards the end & don’t feel I should form opinions without re-watching it. We’re going again next weekend 🙂

After the movie, we stood in front of the theater having a lively debate about different aspects of the film before a small group of us headed back to the bar for a nightcap. That’s when this gem happened. Because one of my friends had a freaking Zelda hat in her car. And then I was deemed unworthy of it when I didn’t know what the emblem was called (it wasn’t a tri-force, it was a tri-force surrounded by some stuff & I still don’t know what it’s called). But at least I got one good birthday selfie.

Seems like a good note to end my recap on. Sorry for the random tangents & stuff, but I’m still floating after such a great day.  27 is going to be a good year. I’m gonna take it by storm.

Until Next Time ❤


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