WTF is Flash Fiction?

I’ve never heard of flash fiction. Not until this week when the remarkable @loudlysilent nominated me to write some. Would you believe I’ve never, EVER written fiction? I mean, I guess I started something once but I wrote like a page & then scrapped it.  So this is so VERY far outside my comfort zone right now. But. Life doesn’t really care if you’re comfortable, now, does it? Neither does @loudlysilent, apparently.

So, don’t be too harsh, but please feel free to provide constructive criticism. This is the first scene from a story I’ve had in my head for a while. It’s not terribly eventful, but hopefully it’s compelling enough for a first try 🙂

The Very Beginning

Sienna didn’t want to be here. She wasn’t interested in these people or this party. She wedged herself into the far corner of the oversized sectional, trying to separate herself from the rest of the drunken idiots.  At least it was a comfortable couch, she guessed.

Maddie never mentioned how, for a group of tattoo-covered, body-modded, hardcore twenty-somethings, her friends were unbelievably exclusionary. You’d think people who are constantly judged by society would be more accepting of new people. It’s not even like Sienna was so straight-laced that she couldn’t relate to them. She had bubblegum pink hair, after all. And a handful of tattoos – none of which anybody ever appreciated the way she did. She listened to every kind of music and was always open to meeting new people. Just not people who had no interest in meeting her. She wanted to leave, but she had promised Maddie she’d stay for a few drinks. So she did.

She was in the kitchen, mixing her third or fourth vodka & Redbull when she heard the crash, which made her spill the last of her vodka on the floor. Goddamn it. She scrambled into the living room to see a couple of the aforementioned drunken idiots laying on the floor amidst the shattered glass and bent frame of what used to be Maddie’s coffee table. Oh, and then there was the blood. Great.

It didn’t take long for Maddie to start in. She was usually pretty level-headed, but the pool of blood on her hardwood floors clearly sent her over the edge.

“What the FUCK were you two doing? This isn’t the fucking UFC championship! Go get a trash bag and some towels and help me clean this up!”

“Aw, come on Mads, we’re sorry. I was just trying to show Luke, here, some of my mad wrestling skills. I’ll pay you back for the table, I promise,” the dark-haired guy with the gigantic ear gauges and Sailor Jerry sleeve gave Maddie the most obvious puppy-dog eyes and pouted, to which she only responded with a giggle and a nod. Gross.

This guy thought he was so smooth, and it was clear he had Maddie wrapped around his finger. He sauntered into the kitchen with a shit-eating grin on his face to get a trash bag, like Maddie asked. As he passed Sienna, he winked at her & said,

“My buddy in there seems to be bleeding. You sober enough to play nurse, pinkie?”

Sienna shuddered at the nickname and rolled her eyes at Sailor Jerry in complete disgust before making her way into the living room to check on her patient. She assumed she was the most sober person in the room, and as such, best equipped to tend to the poor bastard with a shard of glass protruding from his bicep.

“Hey, dumbass. Can you stand up? There’s a first aid kit in the upstairs bathroom,” Sienna stands above him with her arms crossed, trying to look as uninterested as possible. In reality, the confident yet genuine smile he gives her makes her breath catch.

“How about you just call me Luke, instead of dumbass? Can you give me a hand?”

“Sienna. Come on, let’s get you upstairs.” she reached out her hand to help him up, but gasped and let go as soon as he touched her, sending Luke tumbling gracelessly back into the pile of broken glass. What WAS that?

7 thoughts on “WTF is Flash Fiction?

  1. loudlysilent says:

    I loved this! The skeeziness of the guy was so real, and I loved Sienna’s resentment towards Maddie. I feel like I’ve been in exactly Sienna’s situation before 😛 I want to know what happens next!

    Liked by 1 person

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