Five Fandom Friday: My Comfort Movies


It’s 5 Fandom Friday, again! This week’s prompt is “My Comfort Films”

I’m a movie junkie. It’s not as bad as it used to be (when I worked at a video store) but there are very few things that are as therapeutic for me than a good movie marathon.  So, when I’m feeling kind of down & need a pick-me-up, these are the films I turn to, in no particular order:


1. Edward Scissorhands. I’m a huge Tim Burton fan & Edward Scissorhands was the first Burton film I ever saw.  It’s really nostalgic for me & it’s probably my favorite Johnny Depp role. I  just don’t get tired of it. Ever.


2. Pitch Perfect. Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson. A Capella jams. General hilarity. This is probably my most-watched movie of the last 5 years. Because duh. A lot of times I just put it on in the background for the soundtrack while I’m doing chores or something.  I’m counting down the days til the sequel!

Star Trek

3. Star Trek (2009) Really, any Star Trek movie could fill this spot, but I really love the JJ Abrams reboot. The cast is phenomenal & I love that they have been able to pay homage to the original series while still carving their own storylines. And the comedic timing is spot-on.

love you man

4. I Love You Man. Or any Jason Segel/Paul Rudd/Judd Apatow flick. This spot used to be filled by Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but I’ve been reaching for I Love You Man more & more over the last couple years. It never ceases to crack me up.


5. Clueless. This is a 90’s masterpiece. Enough said. (Oh. Hi again, Paul Rudd!)

There you have it! What are your go-to comfort films? Check out today’s link-up, hosted by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick for more!

Until Next Time ❤

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