Five Fandom Friday: Favorite Blogging Snacks



This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is  Favorite Snacks/Drinks to Consume While Blogging. Now, I haven’t been at this for very long, but I definitely have a few go-to snacks for anytime I’m on my computer.  My snacking choices might seem kind of strange, but keep in mind that I’m currently doing a low-carb/high-fat diet, so I don’t get to indulge in my all-time faves.


1. Monster Energy – Zero Ultra. This is my kryptonite. I know it’s probably not the healthiest indulgence in the world, but hot damn if I don’t love me a good energy drink. And this one’s zero carb/calorie/ everything else. And it’s the perfect middle ground between those sickeningly sweet sugary ones & the super-tart Redbull flavor.


2. Starbuck’s Americano. Ever since I discovered Americanos, I’ve been indulging pretty regularly. Iced, hot, doesn’t matter. But for some reason nobody makes an Americano like Starbuck’s. I’ve tried them at dozens of other coffee shops & they just don’t compare. I promise I’m not a Starbuck’s snob. In fact, Americanos are the only thing I specifically go to SB for.


3. Cherry Coke Zero. My all-time favorite soda. It’s the most delicious thing ever.


4. Pepperonis. Yes. I sit & eat pepperonis. They’re delicious and the perfect snack for my current diet. I eat them cold & plain, sometimes I smear some laughing cow cheese on them, and sometimes I do that ghetto nacho thing where you throw some cheddar cheese & taco seasoning on top and throwing them in the microwave. I’m seriously a college student trapped inside an adult’s body.


5. ALL THE CHEESE. Can’t go wrong. Enough said? Curds are my fave – nom nom nom.


Again, huge thanks to Kristin & Megan for hosting – I love FFF 🙂


Until Next Time ❤

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