How to Score Free & Cheap E-Books


I sign up for a lot of email newsletters. Things I think I’m going to read & look for deals every single day – Target, Ulta, Sephora, Threadless, Old Navy, the list goes on. Really, what ends up happening is I delete every single one of these until I decide I’m going to shop somewhere & then I retrieve it from my trash box on Gmail to see if there’s a coupon. It’s kind of annoying & not exactly efficient, but oh well. I’ll figure out a better system one of these days. That’s not the point.

My POINT is, that there is ONE of these email newsletters that I look forward to every. single. day. and I have opened every email from this sender for the last 6 months. Who’s the mystery emailer?

Pixel of Ink  Pixel of Ink


Have you heard of it? Because if you love books & you have a kindle or a tablet with the kindle reading app, you need this newsletter in your life. If you have heard of it you’re probably like “yeah, Christa, I know. Old news.”

So, what happens is you sign up & they send you a daily email with featured book deals on Amazon – usually around 4 free books, a few for $.99-$2.99 & one or two that are simply reduced in price from the regular cost.  It’s not always full of gems, but there have been SO many books that were already on my reading list & Amazon reduced the price to under $2.99, so I snatched them up. I never would have known about the price drop if not for the newsletter, and my Kindle library wouldn’t be pushing 300 after just 2 years of kindle ownership.

It’s also a great way to discover new authors or series you might be interested in – I know a lot of times I’ll pick up the free books just because what do I have to lose? And they’ll turn out awesome, so I’ll find something else by the same author or the next book in the series. I mean really – if a book synopsis even SORT OF grabs your attention & the book is free, why WOULDN’T you just claim that shit?

So, if you fall into the category of book lover + Kindle (or tablet) owner, give it a shot! Make sure you set your newsletter settings to a daily email, otherwise it gets kind of annoying with two per day.

ALSO, for the Nook lovers, there’s BookBub, which is another daily newsletter service. They track Barnes & Noble deals as well as Amazon, Apple, Google, & Kobo. It sounds like it would be a better service altogether, but I still prefer PixelofInk for Kindle books. I find BookBub to be pretty hit-or-miss with their featured titles.

What say you? Give it a shot?

Until Next Time ❤

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*PS – I have not spoken to anyone at PixelofInk or BookBub & am not being compensated in any way for this post. Just sharing my opinions & thought I’d spread the word since I  have been able to make such great use of both services! 🙂


  1. Book: The Fiery Heart – Richelle Mead (Bloodlines book 4)
  2. Comic: Princeless, Book 1 –  Jeremy Whiteley & M. Goodwin
  3. Music: Guardians of the Galaxy// Awesome Mix Vol. 1
  4. TV: Gilmore Girls, Season 7
  5. YouTube: Nerd Burger
  6. Blog: The Geeky Squib



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