[#ogf]’s Valentine’s Wishlist 2015

Hey there!

Just thought I’d drop by and share some of the things I’m drooling over, just in time for Valentine’s day!

[#ogf]'s valentine's wishlist

  1.  Funko Pop! Charlie Bradbury FigureCharlie Bradbury is one of my all-time favorite characters, and this pop vinyl is sooooo stinkin cute. I don’t have any yet, but she’d be a great start to my collection! $15.
  2. Alison’s Cookie PartyAlison Faulkner (of The Alison Show) is freakin’ HILARIOUS. She’s insightful and adorable and her blog just makes me happy all. the. time. Plus, lady makes royal icing sugar cookies LIKE A BOSS. She put together this e-course with all her secrets, and I’ve been dying to buy it since it was released. All that cookie magic for $30.
  3. POW! Cushion – H&M – I love what H&M is doing with their home collections. They’ve got a line of kids products right now that are comic-inspired, and this pillow would be perfect in our future Nerd-Rock Hotel themed guest room. It’s way too cute. And only $12!
  4. Fortuna Stone Pendant Necklace – Stella & DotI only just learned about Stella & Dot a couple months ago, and I’m beyond obsessed with their jewelry line. That’s saying something, because I’m not really a jewelry girl unless it costs $3 and comes from Forever21. Their pieces are equally modern and sophisticated, but still somewhat reasonably priced. One purchase & I might be a jewelry convert. This is a super-versatile necklace – you can wear it long with either pendant showing, or double it up as shown in the picture – but it’s pretty pricey for my jewelry habits at $79. I’m sure the quality is better than anything I’ve got in my pathetic collection, though, so probably worth the splurge.
  5. Walnut Hollow Creative Versa ToolI have a bad habit of taking up too many new hobbies & never having enough time to devote to any of them. One of my resolutions for 2015 was to find a single hobby that I can really fine tune  & make something out of. I think it’s going to be pyrography (wood burning). I have always loved wood burnings & I have a lot of ideas for pieces I can create that would put a really modern spin on traditional pyrography works. This little kit is super affordable & includes everything I need to get started! $30.
  6. Magical Unicorn WalletThis super quirky wallet just speaks to me. I love that it’s clean white faux leather with gold  detailing & the unicorn itself is just the cherry on top. The actual design of the wallet is exactly what I look for whenever I hunt for a new one – and I’m SUPER picky about my wallets for some reason. I have a feeling that if I got this one I’d keep him for a nice, long while. He’s so universally classy & quirky. Just perfect. $16.
  7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in VampI just hopped on board the liquid-to-matte lipstick train, and I’m all in. I have only tried the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams so far, but I’m obsessed with them. These Anastasia ones look so much more luxurious & like they wouldn’t dry out my lips as much. Plus the color selection is perfection. Vamp is my #1 want, but I think that Lovely, Heathers, and Persimmon are all going to come home with me at some point! $20.
  8. Linda Studs – Stella & DotAs much as I’m not a jewelry person in general, I’m even less of an earring person. I’m not sure why – I actually used to wear GIGANTIC earrings every single day, way back in high school.  I think there’s the combination of the poking and the weight and the fact that the backs fall off & then you lose one. It’s just a mess. But I want to be an earring person & these black hexagon studs are the perfect every day earrings. Reasonably priced at $24.

How about you? What are you hoping to receive for Valentine’s Day? I actually know that my gift is going to be the Versa Tool because my husband & I have been talking about it this week, and I’m super excited! It’s definitely the most useful item on this list. I’ll just sit here drooling over the rest, don’t mind me.


Until next time ❤


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